Nero wave editor 1

  Fordy 14:11 21 Jul 2004

I have just made my first attempts at recording from vinyl with Nero 5.5 which has wave editor 1. My problem is trying to remove the clicks from the recorded tracks where the record had been scratched. The clicks show up clearly in the "wave display" but there is no 'de-clicking' program that I can find - the noise reduction button does just that reduces everything leaving the clicks firmly in place.
Surely I don't have to click on and mute each one individually - I haven't got that long to live.
Any advice greatly appreciated even if it is 'go and buy Nero 6'!

  Smiler 15:16 21 Jul 2004

You have to zoom in using the + magnifying glass untill you can see the wave form and the "click" in the window. You then select the "click" by left clicking & holding down the button on your mouse. to the left of the "click", then dragging to the right untill the "click" is selected. Release the mouse button then click on edit, cut and the "click will be removed.

It's the only certain way to remove the clicks but there are programs that try to do it for you when recording. Personally I've had only bad results from these as sometimes they remove some of the musical sounds as well.

  Charence 15:17 21 Jul 2004

I don't think it is possible to remove clicks by any of the features on Wave Editor. What I do is select the area where the click is and delete it (CTRL+DEL). If you do this, make sure you zoom up really close on the graph so that the loss of music is made as small as possible.


  Fordy 16:41 21 Jul 2004

Thanks - I was afraid that that was what I had let myself in for, but I thought that with the 'spikes' so clearly defined on the wave form that a program could 'easily' be written to remove them. They have gone to the trouble of supplying buttons to add echo's or clangers or whatever and missed out on what must be the main problem with vinyl.
COME ON you programmers the world is waiting!

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