Nero Vision Express 3 - Weird Problems

  PaulB2005 10:47 01 Jan 2006

I've been playing around with Nero Express 3 in the hope that I'll know what I'm doing come a day i actually need it. Plus i like setting little projects like this myself.

I've got a few hours of pointless footage to play with for practise. Nothing too valuable - just episodes of TV programs recorded at random so i have something to edit and play with.

However i seem to having a few problems.

Problem 1:

Once i have the recording made through a Freecom DVB-T USB Stick it is in MPEG-2 format. However Windows Media Player (WMP) can only play this footage and can't fast forward or rewind so i have to run the footage through Nero Vision Express 3 (NVE3) to export it as another MPEG-2 which does allow FF and RW.

Problem 2:

At first i tried to trim the ends off the footage. All seems OK in the editor until i export it then strange things happen.

a) On more than one occasion the audio has slipped or de-synced by about 5 seconds suddenly in the middle of a recording. The original recording is fine but subsequent edits aren't.

b) On more than one occasion i have edited the footage down to, say, 55 mins exactly but when saving the edited footage to a new file the resulting file cuts off at, say, 51 minutes, for no reason. The original edit played fine in the editor but the Exported Copy is short.

c) Random footage appears through out the recording. At one stage i attempted to cut a scene from the footage. Again in the editor it seemed fine but the exported copy placed a second or two of footage from the beginning of the recording into the sections where the cuts where made and then the audio slipped again by 4 seconds.....

Problem 3:

File sizes.

File A+B = Total Size C
File D+E = Total Size F

C is bigger than F yet Nero will burn C to a DVD but not F - stating there isn't enough room.

At first everything seemed fine but as i become more "experienced" the more seems to go wrong. I've been going over this time and time again and getting the same problems.

Is Nero Vision Express 3 not up to the job? Or am i just hopeless?

  madPentium 15:27 01 Jan 2006

personally I think nero is crap for anything except burning. Try looking at other editors/converters. Here's a list of what I use...

Virtualdubmod .. for extracting audio, editing video/audio, changing frame rates in video.

besweet .. to change the length of audio before muxing it back to the video. e.g. 23.97fps to 25fps.

Tmpgencplus .. to professionally convert avi to mpeg2.

winavi.. to QUICKLY convert avi to mpeg/dvd format, but can have audio sync problems.

Tmpgend dvdauthor .. to add chapters / menus and produce dvd format from mpeg2 ready to burn.

Nero 6 .. to burn dvd, I never burn faster than X4 as a lot of home dvd players seem to judder or stick if burnt at X8.

  PaulB2005 20:32 03 Jan 2006

Cheers. I'd rather get to the bottom of this first before trying another piece of software.

Another problem from last night.

Recorded a film - the Freecom software seems to cut off after 3.99 Gb and creates a new file. Only a slight jump when put together In NVE. The files that are output by the Freecom software are play only. You can't fast forward, rewind or jump to a spot. You can pause but if you miss a bit you need to start the film again. Similarly you can't watch an hour, shut the PC off and then come back and pick up from where you left off. So i have been using NVE to re-encode the files to MPEG-2. This then makes the files fully usable.

Now get this. The film from last night was split into two files. 1 = 3,906,512 Kb and the second 1,127,284 Kb. The first is 1 hr 54 min. The second is 33 min long. These are both the files output directly from the Freecom software.

When i put them through NVE to recode them the first one takes 1 hr 25 min to recode. The second takes less than 2 minutes. NVE shows you the film as it's recoding. The first file looks like the film but a bit faster. The second is much much more speeded up.

Why would it treat the two files differently like this? I also tried cropping the excess off the beginning and the end and joining the two clips but halfway through the re-encoded file the audio slips again by 3 seconds.

This is getting very frustrating. I only want to watch the film once (although not in one sitting) and then delete the film.

  PaulB2005 20:42 03 Jan 2006

Well turns out that i can Fast Forward and Rewind the original footage in PowerDVD. It just won't do it in Windows Media Player until the file is recoded.

I'll close this for now. I don't think I'll get anywhere with it but maybe on day I'll come back and look at it again.

It would be nice to know that if i had to edit some footage that mattered Nero VE was up to the job without mangling the Audio or screwing up cuts. I've spent so long going over the same actions, making careful notes i can't see where I'm screwing up - if at all. It all seems fine in the preview - just the final output seems to be screwed.

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