NERO Vision Express 3 (Urgent)

  cuscus 16:23 17 Oct 2006

I bought the plug-in to make this software work when doing a slideshow and it did it very well. It burnt and saved my files individually with the extension .nvc. My problem is that I would like these 2 files to be on the same CD or DVD and cannot find a way to do it. It always gives me the message that it does not recognize the files. I now have two CD's that I can play in my DVD connected to my TV and watch my slideshows but I want to give a CD to each of my daughters for a Birthday gift coming up soon and would like to have both slideshows on the same CD which are depicting both of their life in pictures up to now. Can you help please?

  Stuartli 16:29 17 Oct 2006

Try it in Nero Reloaded6 (if this is the version you have).

Create a new compilation with a suitable folder name and drag both files into the folder name on the left from the right hand panel detailing your C drive's contents.

Then burn to a CD or DVD depending on the combined total of the two file sizes.

  cuscus 16:36 17 Oct 2006

I have Nero version

  jimv7 16:57 17 Oct 2006

Why not just use nero burning and copy the cd's.

  john-232317 17:11 17 Oct 2006

Just make a VCD in Vision express.

Click make a slideshow.

Click blue button about center of screen "browse for media" take browse and add to project option. Select all the pics you want on show.

When they are in the window hilite them all and then click the + button this will load them into the strip of film.

Then just above where the pics were in the screen click the other tab "display transitions" these you can put between the pics if you like.

  cuscus 19:00 17 Oct 2006

JIMV7 I have done that and burning the first file on a CD-RW and when I copy the second CD and try to burn the second file on the same CD-RW it tells me that there is already something on that CD and my choice is to erase it or else it won't copy the second file. It doesn't make any sense to me since I'm using CD-RW why am I not allowed to add to the CD?

  cuscus 19:02 17 Oct 2006

Dadyassa that's exactly what I have done and saved my 2 slideshows. My problem is that I would like them on the same CD and I'm having trouble.

  jimv7 19:11 17 Oct 2006

Check the file sizes, might be too large for 1 cdrw, copy cd's to a folder on the desktop and add the files to nero.

If xp, use its own burning software, by sending the files to the cd.

  john-232317 19:28 17 Oct 2006

If you had done one show, then clicked make slideshow and done another one it would of come up in the same project as title one and title two. Then they can be on the same CD but under two titles and they can watch either or both.

But now do as jim says and drag both files into Nero to burn, they will be ok unless they are too big for the CD. They should fit ok cos you can get loads of pics and transitions and audio on a CD.

  Stuartli 19:49 17 Oct 2006

If you drag and drop the two files into the one named folder in Nero, as I suggested earlier, you can just burn them to a CD or a DVD depending on the size (revealed at the bottom of the panel) and they will/should play in any recent DVD player or CD/DVD ROM drive as a slideshow.

Most recent DVD players will automatically play them as a slide show.

I do it regularly...:-)

  sebbywebby 20:03 17 Oct 2006

just download Nero 7.0 Demo and use that

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