Nero version 5.5 and Windows Home XP

  bpzoom 15:41 01 Aug 2004

Windows Home XP Service Pack 1.I have read the earlier threads on Nero 5.5 but cannot find an answer to this one. I previously successfully used Nero 5.5 from an OEM disk bundled with a Phillips CDRW, and at different stages I downloaded upgrades from Ahead and eventually had Nero running when I had to scrub my system for reasons unconnected. My only apparent way back to normal with Nero is to reload the original 5.5 from the OEM disk, and upgrade again from Ahead. The problem is if I try to install the original Nero it freezes Windows. Doubtless there is a driver there which Windows XP Home will not tolerate. Can anyone please advise how can I proceed. Thank you.

  howard60 16:00 01 Aug 2004

if you did a reinstall or repair of xp without formatting the drive then remnants of nero will be present. These will stop nero loading. You must remove every reference from your system to reinstall it. You may even have to go to hardware system etc and remove the cd from the setup - reboot and when it has installed it try again.

  bpzoom 16:07 01 Aug 2004

Thanks Howard60, perhaps my use of the word "scrub" was not precise enough. I reformatted the HDD and began Windows afresh on a clean disk. There could not have been any trace of the previous Nero.

  howard60 16:11 01 Aug 2004

thats ok then - it is the original drive? because bundled nero does not work with any other. A suggestion - if you have the room copy the nero cd to a folder on your hdd and try installing from that folder

  Smiler 16:13 01 Aug 2004

Do you still have the original drive fitted in the computer. As it is OEM it will probaly be tied to the cd drive you bought it with.

  bpzoom 16:25 01 Aug 2004

Thanks Smiler and Howard60, yes it is still the same CDRW which accompanied the OEM Nero. I had not thought of that one, copying the CD to a folder and trying from there. Here goes.

  bpzoom 16:55 01 Aug 2004

That made me sweat a bit. Copied CD to HDD loaded nero 5.5 and it rebooted, and went into repeated reboots (as before). Restarted in Safe Mode tried to restore to a restore point made at 10.0am today it would not let me! I then removed INCD and Nero, went into Registry and deleted anything under Ahead and here I am, hopefully undamaged, but no Nero!

  Smiler 17:34 01 Aug 2004

4. Where can I find the Driver cleantool and registry checker?

Download Registry Checker and DriverClean tool
click here
Extract the zipped files onto your hard disk using WinZip or WinRar.
You should now have two files:
Driver-CleanTool.exe and RegistryChecker.exe.

First, run Driver-CleanTool.exe by double-clicking it.
Driver-CleanTool will deactivate drivers that caused problems in Nero in the past.
Confirm the deactivation of the drivers displayed in order to prevent known driver conflicts from reoccurring in the future.

These drivers also exist, with values, in the registry in Windows NT, 2000 and XP. In order to ensure that these are also deactivated you will need to run the RegistryChecker file.

There are some usefull cleaning tools here click here as you may need to clean before trying to re-install Nero.

Also try just installing nero without incd then download incd 4 and install that instead of incd 3 as I think there were conflicts with xp and incd 3

  Smiler 17:37 01 Aug 2004

Sorry should have started the above message with:-

You may need to use the cleantools after uninstalling and before trying to re-install Nero...

  bpzoom 18:03 01 Aug 2004

Thanks Smiler! I will do as you suggest.

  bpzoom 12:36 02 Aug 2004

Smiler, many thanks for your brilliant help. I did all as you suggested and cleaned out the Nero and INCD bits I had left in since the abortive effort to load 5.5.3. I then went on the the Ahead site and armed with the licence number of my bought earlier version of Nero 5.5, chose the download option of the latest version. To my surprise I was not asked for a licence number of the earlier version, nor did it mention the absence of any version to update! I now have a working copy of again. I repeated the job with INCD3, removed that and downloaded INCD4. I have not used that yet but I am sure it will be OK. Thanks again for your advice.

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