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  Swampy 05:24 09 Jun 2004

Trying to save data to a CD-RW. Nero recognises the blank disc but fails to write to it after going through the motions.
This report appears after failure....
Start of caching files
Caching files completed
Start of burn process at 2x(300KB/s)
Power calibration area error
Could not perform end track
Command sequence error
Could not perform fixation
Burn process failed at 2x(300Kb/s)
Tried copying an audio CD onto a CD-R at all was fine. Any ideas please. Thanks.

  €dstowe 05:55 09 Jun 2004

May be wise to update your version of Nero.

  Swampy 06:13 09 Jun 2004

This is the bundled version that came with the drive. All was fine until I wiped the hard drive and re-installed all wanted programs. I was able to write to CD-RWs before this (still on Windows 98). Don't really want to fork out for an updated version if this one does all I want.

  €dstowe 06:26 09 Jun 2004

Quote "Don't really want to fork out for an updated version if this one does all I want."

Sorry but, isn't the point of the post that it doesn't do as you want?

Anyway, another point I might make is that rewritable CDs shouldn't be relied on for long term storage of anything important. They have a nasty tendency to become unreadable after a few months.

  wawadave 06:50 09 Jun 2004

uninstall nero and reinstall it. and do a scan disk and defrag of system. and scan for spyware.

  Simsy 08:33 09 Jun 2004

one of the processes that is undertaken at the first stage is that a few "test shots" are taken by the laser at the disc surface... these are then "read" back.

The purpose of this is to establish the optimum power to be used to write to that perticular disc. A seperate area of the disc is set aside for this very purpose.

This process is known as "power calibration". The fact that the indicated error is "Power calibration area" suggests that is a problem with the disc. Is it one that has been used much? I would try another anyway.



  Stuartli 10:19 09 Jun 2004

€dstowe is quite right with regard to CD-RW media - it's not as reliable as CD-Rs as the disks have a very much lower reflectivity level.

Try using a CD-R in multisession mode until it is full (I'm assuming that Nero4 supports this mode) and then Finalise it.

Last version of Nero4 was Ne4091up.exe and the download link can be found here:

click here

  Swampy 12:20 09 Jun 2004

£dstowe. Thanks for the replies, but my actual point is that this very program used to do exactly what I am asking it to do now, on the same machine with the same hard and software. Point taken about the longevity of CR-RWs, but they are very useful for short term storage. Incidentally I've tried 2 different CD-RW discs with the same result.

  jonnytub 12:27 09 Jun 2004

have you disabled windows burning software ?

  €dstowe 12:37 09 Jun 2004

I don't want to be seen as a pedant but your hardware and software is not the same as it was. Again quoting yourself "All was fine until I wiped the hard drive and re-installed all wanted programs."

Your setup now, whatever you may think, is different to the one you had previously.

You requested "Any ideas please". I gave you mine. I still consider that an update of Nero, even if only to a later edition of the 4 version, as suggested by Stuartli, may help.

Nero 6 isn't an expensive program when you take into account all of its capabilities and in my opinion, well worth the outlay.


  Simsy 12:53 09 Jun 2004

writing to the disc using InCD, the packet writing UDF programme that comes with Nero? This might, perhaps, help to eliminate the disc/CDWriter combination as the problem.

First you have to format the disc, (via right click on the InCD icon in the system tray). Then the disc can be treated as a giant floppy, i.e. drag'n'drop from Windows explorer is possible.
Note that InCD only supports CDRW, othere "packet writing" progs support CDR as well.



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