Nero and VCD & SVCDS

  david4637 16:04 01 Jul 2004

I have made a number of VCDs with jpg (photos) using Nero 5.5 for viewing on TV via a DVD stand alone player. They work well.

1. The jpgs have all been converted to *.dat files on these VCDs. Does this mean I can not use the VCD as a backup medium, because the files have been "doctored" by Nero for this purpose?

2. What freeware player can I use to view these VCDs on my PC (OS - W98SE). Thanks David

  britto 16:59 01 Jul 2004

When you burn a vcd with nero, on the compilation page put a tick in the store pictures box at the bottom you will then have copies of the original files

  david4637 17:04 02 Jul 2004

Thanks britto for your reply.

What freeware player can I use to view these VCDs on my PC (OS - W98SE). Thanks David

  deggsymann 17:34 02 Jul 2004

try copying one of the .dat files to your pc, rename it a .jpg file and see if it opens as usual.

If it does you should be able to view them with any imaging prog (paint etc) if they are renamed

  THE TERMINATOR 20:12 02 Jul 2004

You can view these files in media player.

  britto 20:34 02 Jul 2004

When you burn a vcd with nero disable menu in new compilation window this should make the disc playable in power dvd ect,if it is enabled you may not get past the thumbnail images.

  david4637 19:05 03 Jul 2004

THE TERMINATOR - Could you please suggest another suitable s/w other than WMP - sorry but I have an avertion to it.

britto - what do you mean the VCD should work on a power DVD, and what do you mean by not getting past thumbnail images. All my images so far have been full size on the VCD.

Thank you for your replies, "sorry to be as thick as a plank". David

  THE TERMINATOR 20:08 03 Jul 2004
  britto 23:14 03 Jul 2004

Powerdvd is a software program that enables dvd's and vcd's to be played on your computer.Menu's and thumbnails are put on the vcd so you can navigate the pictures on a stand alone dvd player but often these software players cannot handle this menu.

  david4637 15:04 04 Jul 2004

1. That was a useful link for VCD players, have down loaded one to try out.

2.I did not realise that you could navigate the VCD by using thumbnails.

Thank you both. David

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