nero update help

  patso 13:53 28 Apr 2005

i recently updated to nero oem edition from express.when i start it it tells me to go to the nero site as it has a problem with my version of windows.i use xp home with sp2 installed.when i go to the site it tells me there is four downloads to do.can i get a friend to down load these to a cd as my download rate comes in at 1kbs per second on a dial this possible to do ?any help please

  wobblymike 14:00 28 Apr 2005

I suggest that it is highly unlikely - as an upgrade file it has to go somewhere and that somewhere is the operating part of the Nero program. I think you're going to have to bite the bullet

  compumac 14:40 28 Apr 2005

You are able to download the items and save to file. I have done it. However whereas it states after the installation of SP2 there could be some problems with Nero and you therefore need the Nero updates I found a problem after installing the Nero updates and reversed back to the original version 6.3.02 and to the best of my knowledge there have been no problems with that setup.

  TomJerry 14:57 28 Apr 2005


  Earthworm 14:57 28 Apr 2005

I've got Nero 6 and when i updated to SP2, my nero did not work so i went to nero site and saved the downloads to a folder on my computerand then ran the relivant upgrade and it's worked fine. This is great for me as if i need to wipe computer then the files are ready to upgrade when i'm ready and don't have to visit the site each time. follow this link for hdownloads:
click here

  pj123 15:16 28 Apr 2005

I have downloaded all the Nero updates except the Media Player. Came to about 80mbs. I can put them on a CD for you and post out. email me via the envelope your address and I will post you a CD.

  patso 21:26 02 May 2005

i heard sp2 caused some problems with nero but will try all the help that was offered. thanks to all that replied

  pj123 10:34 03 May 2005

Got your email. CD on the way to you.

  joeltr 12:32 03 May 2005

thats a very nice gesture pj123,

  Joe R 12:39 03 May 2005


You are a true gentleman.

  pj123 15:15 03 May 2005

No, I am just trying to help someone. 80mbs on dialup could take days. On BB it takes minutes.

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