nero track listing problem

  patso 21:44 24 Jan 2007

i have used audacity to rip lps to my hd to burn .when i name the tracks 1 -12 and the name of the song and go to burn them nero is putting them in reverse order even when the album say is track 1-10 when i drag more tracks in it is burning them in the wrong order what do i do please .any help thanks

  Terry Brown 22:11 24 Jan 2007

I use Nero and have the same problem, the only solution (that I can find), is to set the disk up for multi session, and burn the tracks one at a time, however this can lead to a fault in the CD if you are unlucky, as well as the time spent burning the CD.

  patso 19:24 25 Jan 2007

ok terry this doesnt solve the problem ill try mess around with nero and see if i can solve it.thanks for posting anyway.patso

  al7478 20:02 25 Jan 2007

nero should allow you to just move the songs to the right place on the list. Just left click on the song, it will then be covered by a blue bar, thendrag it to where you want it in the track order.

  Terry Brown 20:18 25 Jan 2007

What Version of Nero are you using ? Nero 6.

On the create AUDIO cd you get track numbers, and these do line up on the CD.

:Last time I used Nero, I was using Nero 5, which had the problem you said about, however on Nero 6, the problem seems to have been solved.

  patso 23:11 25 Jan 2007

thanks again lads .its nero 6 terry ill try the suggestions and post back.thanks again

  al7478 11:38 26 Jan 2007

just for the record, i use 6 too. one or two friends werent impressed by 7 so i havent bothered to invest.
hope it works for you.

  Diversion 19:22 26 Jan 2007

Sometimes you have renumber the list say from 1 to 12, put a zero in front of all your single digit tracks eg: 1= 01 9= 09 and any numbers that follow 10, 11, 19, 20, will all follow on.

  patso 13:50 29 Jan 2007

thanks lads and sorry for posting back so late i seem to have sorted it out with the help given thanks again to all

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