Nero and System Freezes

  kevvyb 22:58 25 Nov 2004

I have been stuggling to identify the problem I have with Nero totally freezing my system and requiring a hard reboot to remove the CD/DVD from the drive.

The difficulty has been that it does work sometimes. I seem to have pinned it down a bit this afternoon and I have eliminated toasted disks as a cause.

All the usual things do not apply because the program is acting the same whether running on my main system with other drivers and apps installed or on a completely fresh install of XP SP2 with nothing else added. Screen saver is off and I have upgraded to the latest firmware for my Plextor recorder.

This seems to have something to do with the size of the files I am trying to burn / back up (happens in either mode). Backing up a 37Mb file works a treat. I can restore all or part and all the files are there. When I try to burn two folders that are 2.6Gb the system freezes with said consequences. Mouse and keyboard function do return and it looks like a normal restart is possible but the screen then hangs just after the log on/off splash screen disappears and a hard reboot is necessary to remove the disk from the drive.

I am in touch with Nero about this and am waiting for a reply but have been unable to send them a log file of the issue 'cos it doesn't seem to be produced until after the stage I am getting to. I can get log files of the successful burn!

Any light that anyone can shed greatly appreciated.

  STREETWORK 23:09 25 Nov 2004

System Spec??

Could be low on resourses. hit Ctrl/alt/del together and see what is running in the background. End Task on all you do not need. also try disableing any anti-virus software running.

Could also try and create a multi session disk and dump backups in bits.

The symptoms described could be related to low memory.

Also Try drag and drop to the CD drive and use xp's built in feature. If this works then you know that its Nero using too much memory

  Rtus 23:19 25 Nov 2004

try removing Nero (which ever version it is ?)then try the same burn sequence with Xp's own drag N drop method. A question I would ask ,is Nero a bundled version suited to your drive (& correct firmware version)or did you buy seperately? How are your drives configured & which Ide ?

  Sir Radfordin 23:40 25 Nov 2004

Interesting...having the same problem. Think it started when I last download an update, so to try and over come the problem am downloading a new update for it. Will let you know if we get the problem solved!

Using Win XP Home with SP2 and more resources than you can shake a floppy disk at.

  Rtus 23:56 25 Nov 2004

so its an antique unit with a real floppy then eh! seriuosly though Wonder if owt to do with Sp2?

  kevvyb 00:18 26 Nov 2004

Asus A7N8X mobo
XP2400 - 2GHz AMD Processor
1Gb DDR ram

Latest version of Nero 6601 downloaded version
Plextor DVDROM 712A Firmware 1.05 latest

Two hard drives Master and Slave on primary IDE(DMA 5)
Two optical drives Master and Slave on secondary IDE (DMA 2)

NOTHING else running in background as stated, i.e. nothing else showing in Task Manager Applications - Do I need to close down stuff in the Processes list as well????

No VS running as stated.

Any help?

  kevvyb 09:46 26 Nov 2004

....had not originally stated anything about programs running in background, incl Virus Scanner....

Will give the XP drag n drop a go to test it out.

  Rtus 20:34 26 Nov 2004

Just to clarify please..Can we assume the Plextor DVDROM is one of the optical drives set as master ? you then say the nero was downloaded , did you not get any bundled version of Nero with the plextor drive

  grumpano 21:40 26 Nov 2004

Had the same problem with my nero 5. So updated to 6 problem solved.

  kevvyb 23:47 27 Nov 2004

Yeah did get a bundled version with the Plextor drive but it's older than the downloaded version which I am running (6601).

Have the plextor set as slave to the Teac CDRW drive which is set as master on same IDE channel.

I left them like this to avoid loosing XP WPA votes but suppose I could change them. What do you suggest?

I also need to check out a large burn to CD using the TEAC as well as the Plextor to see if that narrows it down anymore.

Will have a go at this tomorrow and post back.

  Rtus 18:39 28 Nov 2004

I would suggest you check the plextor website For correct updates of nero With reference to your Plextor drives firmware version.

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