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  michelleuk 01:09 08 Feb 2003


I have Nero software that came with my CD-RW I have been able to make cd copies by playing the normal cd in my DVD/CD-Rom and the blank CD in the CD-RW. But a number of people here have said you can place a copy of the CD on the hard drive, and then all I need to do is keep on copying from the hard drive.

I do not know how to put my CD onto my hard drive, I didn't get a booklet with the Cd-RW, and there is no how to book on the CD itself. I went to nero's site tonight and for some reason it wasn't working, or the areas I clicked diddn't open.

So can some one give me step by step instructions on how to copy a CD (relaxation CD's) on to my Hard Drive and then how to put the hard drive copy onto my other blank CD's.

Thank you
Take Care
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  Rtus 01:19 08 Feb 2003

The nero manual is in fact available from the program Help tab look for CD-Copy step by step it will guide you through the various ways of copying cd's

  leo49 01:24 08 Feb 2003

Click Help/Help Topics and under Contents select 'Image File' - it's a simple 2 step process.


  leo49 01:26 08 Feb 2003

Only usually use the image process if you want more than one copy of the same CD.

  Stuartli 01:58 08 Feb 2003

Nero's Help files will do everything that you are requesting - being lazy and expecting someone else to explain it for you means you will take far longer to learn about the software or any other program for that matter.

The best quality comes from the source being copied on to the hard disk and then burned on to a CD-R or (if you must) a CD-RW disk.

If you download the latest versions of Nero from the Ahead website you will also find Nero Express - this will hold your hand through the various processes and make life much easier.

  michelleuk 03:21 08 Feb 2003


Stuartli, Yes I agree asking for someone to give me a step by step guide will make the learning process slower overall. Though I don;t understand the comment about (if you must). I asked because I have 40 copies to make of a number of CD's and I thought it would be better to copy them onto the HD and then copy to the CD, rather than doing a copy when both CD's are playing.

Rtus - I had asked and typed in hard drive etc, but I was obviously making a mistake as it would copy. I shall try again, making sure I don't miss any steps.

leo49 - thank you, I didn't know it was under image I was looking under burn and hardrive. Andy yes I want a number of copies for a number of different CD's.

I assume that if I keep all 8 CD's on my HD it will slow it down too much? Plus I only have 4GP free, would it be best to do alarger number of each CD, then I won't have to to go through the process so quickly.


  oneMegaBit 03:26 08 Feb 2003

it seems that stuartli needs to take a trip to your stress relief site eh?

  bow1 05:55 08 Feb 2003

Put the discs on the HDD in mp3 format to save space. When you come to write to CD make sure you choose audio CD and they will be automatically converted back to wave.

  billyliv 07:31 08 Feb 2003

Hi, Go to the 'High Criteria' web site and download a prog. called Total recorder. It only costs a few dollars for the license but it is a brilliant recording prog. Well worth it. Cheers, Bill

  Rtus 10:23 08 Feb 2003

also for hard copy of manual put Cd in drive and browse to CD:\Nero\Manual\Eng look for the pdf file and print it (acrobat reader is on the Cd too ..) Lots of pages though ..LOL..and screen shots to help some topics..

  Stuartli 10:48 08 Feb 2003

Perhaps I was a bit harsh..:-)

If you use Nero for the image method (best quality as well), you can key in how many copies of each CD you require; when the burning process starts Nero will complete it before ejecting the CD-R and requesting that the next blank disk be inserted.

After this batch has been finished, you then move onto the next CD you wish to copy and repeat the process.

I'm surprised you did not get a manual with the rewriter, unless perhaps you acquired a secondhand one.


I'm not stressed (apart from the better half's constant twittering!), but do get annoyed by the fact that some queries on the forums can easily be solved by using a program's Help section.

Let's face it, that's what it's there for...:-)

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