Nero and short file names

  GrahamP 22:53 20 Jun 2004

Just found out that Nero ( short file names. For example folder "Program Files" which would normally be rendered in DOS as "PROGRA~1" turns up an a CD as "PROGRA~4".

The importance of this is that I'm trying to create a restore disk for a Windows 95 system belonging to a youth club. The idea being that when they destroy the operating system, the staff can restore it quickly (with all the original data and programs) without any IT knowledge. The Windows 95 registry refers to program paths by the short file name so when I restore the drive the registry no longer matches the altered SFN's and programs no longer work.

Does anyone know of a way round this?

  hugh-265156 22:58 20 Jun 2004

total guess but could this be something to do with joilet and relaxing the ISO restrictions might help maybe?

  GrahamP 23:06 20 Jun 2004

I was thinking along those lines but Joliet just insists on a 64 byte (I think) unique name so it shouldn't be interested in the DOS 8.3 name.

I'll give it a try though. The only option I can find is "Check Joliet names before burning". This is Nero Express so it may be be missing some sophistication.

Another clue is that subsequent folders with names longer than 8 characters get yet higher digits in their name eg Downloads becomes Downlo~6 and so on into double digits as if it was seeing all folders as having the same first 8 characters.

Failing a fix here can anyone recommend different freeware burning software.


  hugh-265156 23:08 20 Jun 2004
  stalion 23:10 20 Jun 2004

try here click here

  GrahamP 23:24 20 Jun 2004

Many thanks huggy71 and stalion. I will give deepburner a try.

Deselecting "Check Joliet...." didn't make any difference with Nero. Nor does disk at once. It looks as if it renames all file and folder short names that are over eight chars.

  GrahamP 13:19 21 Jun 2004

Unfortunately Deepburner does the same. I've also checked various discs from friends burned on other software. They all show the same symtpoms so it looks as though it is part of a standard.

It makes zero sense to me.

I suppose the way to go here is some disk imaging software like Ghost. So, again, if anyone knows any good freeware package I would be grateful.


  Simsy 14:07 21 Jun 2004

is to use a drive image programme, such as "Acronis True Image" or "Ghost" or "Drive Image"...

I don't know about Ghost, or the latest versions of Drive Image, but the Acronis prog, (which has often appeared on coverdiscs), you can make a bootable CD with, and you can burn the image direct to CD.... restoration is then easy.



  stylehurst 14:31 21 Jun 2004

I can thorougly recommend the latest version of Acronis TruImage.
I have used it in anger on a few occasions

  GrahamP 13:22 03 Jul 2004

Thanks to everyone.

I tried both Acronis and Ghost. Acronis required 32M and this machine only had 16M so I ended up using Ghost.

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