nero settings latest nero how can i

  frankie 21:17 01 Dec 2004

there is a marker that will only let me back up too 8000mb i want to copy my files from pc onto a dvd which holds 4.7gb how can i get the marker to let me do this...or do i have to do it as a multi session disc?am new to this so hope its clear thanks for help

  Eric10 22:28 01 Dec 2004

The 8000MB red marker is the setting for a Double Layer DVD so I assume your DVD burner is a double layer model. If you look carefully there is also a yellow marker at approx 4500MB. The 8000MB marker allows about 8GB of data to be saved to a double layer DVD disc (8000MB equates very roughly to 8GB) and the 4500MB marker allows approx 4.37GB of data to saved on a standard DVD disc. I think you may be confusing 8000MB with 800MB.

  woodchip 22:38 01 Dec 2004

Format the disc with Incd you can then just drag the files onto the disc like a floppy

  frankie 22:49 01 Dec 2004

cheers ya all for that kinda of enlightning will have a look and get avg update today in case you need it

  BRYNIT 23:11 01 Dec 2004

Are you sure it is 8000mb and not 800mb.

If you are using Nero express 5 or 6 make sure you have selected which recorder you are using, for DVD's you should select the drive with DVD at the end. If you then sellect data disc you will find it shows 4500mb (4.5gb).

Or go to Nero burning ROM select New, when the new compilation window opens change the CD to DVD (top left)you can now burn a single or mulitsesion discs.

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