Nero saying 'patent activation' etc...what is this

  buel 22:05 17 Jul 2009

Hi, a while ago i bought Nero 8 and installed it on a few of my PCs and my friend's laptop, now when he tries to use Nero vison to load a few avi files or when he uses 'dvd copy' he gets a message saying something similar to 'Patent activation required' and it says it is free to do it and all he has to do is click on the 'activate' or 'download' button and when he does it doesn't go any further. It does mention something about him having a firewall on or something? Surely this wouldn't make a difference? Also, how come his Nero is doing this and mine isn't please?

  OTT_Buzzard 22:23 17 Jul 2009

I think you may have hit the nail on the head when you said 'installed it on a few of my PCs and my friend's laptop'

One purchase, one license, one computer

  buel 00:08 18 Jul 2009

Really? But it works fine on the other pcs?

  ened 06:56 18 Jul 2009

I should quit while your ahead!

What you have admitted to is patently wrong.

Personally I have no problem with installing something on more than one of MY pcs because I can only use one at a time.

But to start giving it to friends etc is unsupportable.

  buel 18:46 21 Jul 2009

Has anyone else come accross this problem please?

  MAT ALAN 20:32 21 Jul 2009

I. Grant of license
This Agreement permits you to use one copy of the Software acquired with this license on any single computer ("OEM License"), provided the Software is in use on only one computer at any given time.

click here

text taken from link, ya might want to read it!!!

  Technotiger 21:41 21 Jul 2009

Maybe it is just my suspicious mind - and if that is the case, I apologize in advance wholeheartedly - But, it would appear to me that you are running some sort of pc fix-it business, or you have lots of friends who know even less than you do, about computers?

  ambra4 09:18 22 Jul 2009


“But, it would appear to me that you are running some sort of pc fix-it business, or you have lots of friends who know even less than you do, about computers?”

Take a read and do a forum search “buel” same thing I said on 9 June 09

click here

31 request on difference type of subjects and problems since Sunday 31 May 2009

from difference friends either that or a computer that is totally screwed

  buel 18:58 22 Jul 2009

Well Technotiger and Ambra4, i would genuinely love to have enough knowledge/courage to have a 'pc fix-it' business but im afraid that i dont. I do, however, work as a welder in a small welsh factory where most of my welsh friends (and my brother)have PCs but know even less than me so if i can help them in any way i can, i do! I appreciate that this must deeply annoy you all, especially as i ask some very strange questions sometimes. As for the Nero problem, i honestly didn't realise that lending it to my friend was illegal/against the rules of purchase and i most certainly wont be doing it again! However, haven't we all lent some software to our friends/family members in the past?
So if you would like me to leave this fantastic forum then i will do so and i will leave with much greatfulness towards all those who have helped/offered to send me cds to help me! Just so you know, you are known as 'The experts' whenever my friends ask me a pc-related question and i answer with 'I have no idea but i will ask the experts'. I hope that helps!
All the best- Buel

  Technotiger 20:50 22 Jul 2009

Many thanks - though as I already said, 'just my suspicious mind', and Please accept my apology as above.

Of course you can ask as many questions as you like, on anything concerning PC's - we are always here and ready to help whenever possible.

I for one, don't in any way consider myself an expert, but I do know a little about computers so am able to help some people some of the time.

  OTT_Buzzard 21:43 22 Jul 2009

as FE said a while back, nobody else can tell you not to post. And you never know, carry on asking enough questions and you might end up answering a few for other people one day :)

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