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  Dark Knight 00:06 31 May 2004


I have recently been converting my Vinyl to CD. I am using Nero Wave editor to save the files. I am then splitting then by copying the files to disc. When I play these files on my pc I am getting sound, as you would expect, from all four of my speakers.

However once I copy the files to CD (again using Nero) upon playback they are only playing out of two of the speakers.

I have recorded and copied other stuff using Nero and have sound from all speakers. Resultantly I am presuming that it must just be a property of the converted and written CD that is preventing it playing from all speakers!

Is this the case or am I missing something blindingly obvious? Thought I would ask before ploughing through.

  woodchip 00:11 31 May 2004

Well do not know if this may be the prob but the original records are only Stereo

  Dark Knight 00:18 31 May 2004

Tis True. And to be honest what I expected. And to be tripply fair what is needed as my hifi is only stereo.

My main point was that when I play the records, and subsequently the files created by from wave editor (both MP3 and Wav) on my pc, they all play from all four speakers.

When I started I expected only stereo but as they played from all four in the scinarios described above I was wondering if when saved to CD they should do the same.

  woodchip 09:10 31 May 2004

They are or will be still in stereo even coming out of four speakers so cannot see the difference

  Dark Knight 20:19 31 May 2004

I guess it was a general query rather than a major problem.

Basically I wondered why the MP3s (or wav) files from Nero wave editor play from all four speakers (As does the sound direct from the vinyl) yet when I burn an audio CD using Nero the end result only plays from two?? Therefore I was wondering If I was doing something major wrong or if there was an option I needed to change in Nero.

  woodchip 20:26 31 May 2004

Probably a quirk of he software

  woodchip 20:26 31 May 2004

Probably a quirk of the software

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 20:32 31 May 2004

Maybe its how your CDRom is connected to your soundcard. The other stuff is played internally or through the line in? Anyway unless it is surround sound it makes no difference as you are only playing in "double stereo" with 4 speakers. Do you have a consul with your soundcard to adjust settings etc?

  Dark Knight 23:04 31 May 2004

Pearly Gates

The original Record is played though line in. The saved MP3s and WAVs are played internally(from desktop)

I have downloaded music previously and saved to CD (using Nero) following exactly the same procedure and all works fine - i.e. plays from all 4 speakers.

I have a soundblaster 1024 live (something like that anyway) and as such have the usual consol which comes with it - i.e creative launcher.

AS I specified earlier the CDS are to be played on a hifi with only 2 speakers. However If I ever upgrade or want to play the CDs on the computer it would be Nice (not esential) to have sound from each!


I find it hard to belive that it would be a software glitch. However I will take this onboard and try recording the next album from media player or something if not just to eliminate this posibility!!

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 11:37 01 Jun 2004

Just a thought, did you burn as an audio disc or as a data disc, do not know if it makes a difference. Probably something in the encoding process as you have suggested. I will be trying to do this myself soon so I will see what happens. I am not overly impressed with Nero 6 as it is making nonsense of video encoding at the moment, not your problem I know but I think they may have produced a monster that tries to do everything,(badly)

  Dark Knight 18:37 01 Jun 2004


I burn my music discs as audio discs not data discs. Would it make any difference doing them as data discs??

I am using Nero 5 not 6 so any encoding problems (if this is the case) may be solved by the new version.

Let us know how your trials go!

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