Nero Problems Again!

  NigeH 09:56 17 Dec 2005

I am having trouble writing to CD/DVD using the latest Nero (latest update). The buffer constantly runs out and uses full CPU power whilst writing making it impossible to do anything else. There seems to be a bottleneck retrieving data from the hard disk for writing. My PC is an AMD 2400+ with Win XP SP2, 512 MB RAM & 160GB drive (NTFS) with plenty of space. The Writer is a MSI 4xDVD, 24xCD with the current firmware update. Everything else seems to be fine apart from this. I have checked evrything is OK with SiSoft Sandra and cannot see any reason for the problems.

  Klof Ron 12:00 17 Dec 2005

Have you tried lowering the write speed before burning.

  NigeH 12:46 17 Dec 2005

Yes, even at 16x the CD runs out of cache and the DVD often drops to 2x and still struggles. Previously, it ran at 4x with very little CPU usage but I can't think of anything that could have affected it since!

  g0nvs 14:09 17 Dec 2005

Is DMA enabled ??

  NigeH 11:24 22 Dec 2005

Yes DMA is enabled.

  NigeH 11:27 22 Dec 2005

It says Ultra DMA Mode 6

  anthonym 11:33 22 Dec 2005

Might be worth checking if your CD/DVD writer is on the same IDE cable as your hard drive.

  NigeH 10:48 23 Dec 2005

I have 2 hard drives on one cable and the dvd and cd drives on the other.

  Big Elf 11:05 23 Dec 2005

Have you set the Cache and Ultrabuffer in Preferences?

  NigeH 11:21 23 Dec 2005

They are both on defaults - 100 GB free on C:\ with a minimum of 16MB and automatic on Ultrabuffer.

  Big Elf 11:34 23 Dec 2005

I've set mine to 999MB on Cache and 80 MB on Ultrabuffer after I had produced a few coasters. I've not had any problems since.

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