nero playing up-did i tunes do this?

  moby58 00:20 27 Feb 2005

bought an i pod,installed itunes,i pod faulty so uninstalled when i go to burn a disc on "nero"..when i click burn-it goes to "save image file",which its never done!also when disc inserted into cd player-computer used to ask what i wanted to do with disc-thats stopped to!?any ideas?save image file has got nothing to do with burning a disc,and disc doesnt burn.goes through the motions,but no end result-help!how can i lose the "save image file"and where did it come from!?

  powerless 00:27 27 Feb 2005

At the top of Nero 'Image File' should be seen. Click the arrow and the menu should show your CD drive, just choose it.

It will then burn to CD instead of burning a file.

  moby58 00:33 27 Feb 2005

cant see image file...where is it...thanks

  moby58 00:41 27 Feb 2005

if i click "choose recorder" its only got image recorder-no other options

  moby58 00:53 27 Feb 2005

why isnt cd drive showing?its only giving me the option of "image drive"

  powerless 00:54 27 Feb 2005

I should have asked what version of Nero are you using?

Image file like this? > click here

I would remove your Cd Drive from the device manager or reconsider reinstalling nero.

  groundhog 01:30 27 Feb 2005

Can windows see your cd drive in windows explorer

  groundhog 01:35 27 Feb 2005

Then open nero and on the top headings select extras then from the drop down menu select auto-detect cd drives

  groundhog 01:47 27 Feb 2005

The select start, select Control Panel, select System, select Hardware, select Device manager, next select DVD/CD ROM drives

Do you still have the i-tune drive if YES then delete it

Do any drives have a yellow triangle.

if Yes then click on that drive and delete it.

Next resart your machine, It should find the drive again.

  groundhog 01:56 27 Feb 2005

If the above answer in used then this will not be required, However it's always useful to know.

Open my computer, right click on your cd drive, select Properties, select tab auto-play and use the drop down listings and make your choice of settings as you like.

Best of luck

  moby58 23:03 27 Feb 2005

thanks very much---excellent advice.very much appreciated

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