Nero or Pinnacle?

  Southernboy 17:46 16 Feb 2005

I ordered a new Evesham PC today.

It is largely new territory to me but, with a little experience of my son's Evesham (bought 18 months ago) I gather the best CD writing software is Nero, which came bundled with his PC.

Nowadays, Evesham bundle Pinnacle to burn both DVD and CD. Chatting to the chap in the shop, he suggested I bought Nero, and uninstalled Pinnacle.

Given I know very little about either, but I did burn one CD with Nero which I found very easy to use, should I do this?

Advice would be welcome.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:50 16 Feb 2005

Stick with Pinnacle for a while at least - it is much on a par with Nero. If you don't like it, then move to Nero but no need to do so.

  john-232317 21:27 16 Feb 2005

You can always download a trial of Nero and compare it to Pinnacle.

  mattyc_92 21:31 16 Feb 2005

Both titles are easy to use... It's just the shop assistance just trying to get you to buy extra stuff.... Try the software that came with your system first and see if you like it, if not then download the trial of Nero to "compare" as dadyassa has said

  stalion 21:37 16 Feb 2005

Nero,pinnacle has too many problems with sound synch.

  Totally-braindead 21:44 16 Feb 2005

I would try the software that you have and see how you get on with it, personally I've seen a lot of stuff about Pinnacle problems so I'm a happy Nero user. If Pinnacle works for you then fine, if not consider Nero, I see no point in spending more money on other software if you're happy with what you have.

  Southernboy 13:17 17 Feb 2005

I'll do as you suggest. By the way, I have no internet connection on my home PC (I use another for access to this Forum) so I can't download anything.

As the Pinnacle apparently covers both DVD and CD, I presume Nero will do the same?

  john-232317 13:23 17 Feb 2005

The only thing Nero doesn`t do is make the tea ;-))

  Yoda Knight 13:30 17 Feb 2005

"As the Pinnacle apparently covers both DVD and CD, I presume Nero will do the same?"

In a word, YES. Nero does require u to purchase add-ins for certain functions of dvd video burning, but as this is a copyrights issue I would suspect that Pinnacle would do the same

  Southernboy 13:33 17 Feb 2005

If I more to Nero, I shall be buying a boxed copy of Nero in a shop, so should I be looking for one that cover both DVD and CD, or does the program cover both formats?

  stlucia 13:43 17 Feb 2005

If you're going to buy something, don't close your mind to Roxio. The current version burns DVD and CD (as does Nero, I believe).

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