Nero & Music

  Bun 10:37 11 Jan 2005

Hi you Technoboffins Happy New Year throwing myself on your mercy yet again.
I am taking music tracks off various cd's and find that the volume levels vary quite a bit. Is there any by way using nero I can make the volume levels more proportionate.
Thanks Bun

  Eric10 10:59 11 Jan 2005

Tick the box labelled "Normalize all audio files".

  plsndrs3 11:15 11 Jan 2005

Once you have all tracks to be burned listed in Nero, highlight all lines [click on first, then click on last whilst holding CTRL & up arrow]. Select properties then follow Eric10's advice.



  Bun 13:06 11 Jan 2005

Thanks to you both I have found it ok. No more bust ear drums,

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