Nero Multisession /Multi Mounter (lost data) help

  Pamy 18:53 30 Jan 2003

Hello everyone,
can anyone help me recover data from my CD disk?
Some weeks ago I burnt some data onto a writable CD disk using Nero 5. (using the wizard).
Last night I wanted to burn some of that data from the disk to another one and as my CD ROM was not working I popped the disk into the CDWriter, thinking that it would read the data from the disk and then ask for a blank disk to write the data onto, but it did not, it continued to write the data onto the same disk. When it was finished, I could only see the last data that I had asked for the other data that was on the disk was no longer to be seen.
I am using XP and Nero only tells me about multisession on 98 and NT4.
Thanks for any help,

  IZZY 20:59 30 Jan 2003


I'm not familiar with XP but have you had a look in the Nero Help File under this?....

"I have created a multisession CD, but I can only see the first or the last session in Explorer. Why is this?
All Windows systems show only the last session on a CD.

Using Nero's Multi Mounter, you can 'convince' the Windows operating systems to show the tracks and sessions of your choice. There is more information about this in the section 'Nero Multi Mounter'."

  IZZY 21:09 30 Jan 2003


This is from the Nero Help Files

Put the CD you want to read in your CD/DVD-ROM drive or in your recorder.

Select the corresponding drive in Windows Explorer.

Choose Properties from the File menu, or right-click on the drive icon and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.

A dialog box with several tabs appears.

Choose the Volumes tab. You will see a list of all the tracks on the CD.

As Windows automatically accesses the last track on a CD, this track is marked with a tick.

Select the track you want, and confirm your selection by clicking on OK.

From now on, Windows will display the track you have selected under the drive icon of the CD drive or recorder.

Hope this helps,

Kind Regards


  Pamy 22:13 30 Jan 2003

thanks Izzy I have tried what you say but it does not work, it still only shows the last recorded (burnt) data,

  hularoo 17:21 06 Feb 2003

I have dozens of cds burnt on win 98 using the multisession option, some of the cds have 20 volumes all of these can be accessed in 98 in explorer or my computer by highlighting the e drive with the disc installed .
but only the volume highlighted on win 98 will show on XP so every time I need to work on XP I have to change the burn volume on 98
I have ben suffering this problem for twelve months and no one seems to have an answer.
I know this will not help you but it appears to be a major problem with XP.

  Pamy 18:58 06 Feb 2003

thanks for you responce to my question on multisession CD burning.
It seams that I nead to go back to windows 98 or get my data back on to another CD.
I think the latter wins.


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