nero multi-mounter prob

  second best 17:45 27 Jun 2003

hi, i have had this prob in the past but can't figure it out. i know all about the nero multi-mounter, but it doesn't seem to work. i created a milti-session disk using the same software and hardware a few months ago, and the mounter worked, i could see both volumes, but no i can't access the other. it only shows the last session. can yuo help? win 98se

  Rtus 18:26 27 Jun 2003

Does the last session allow access .I note from your other thread youve added a second hard Drive? maybe this has altered the drive address system locking out the original written files on the cd and when you did your last session It overwrote/discarded because the burner drive letter changed ( I could be wrong on that )Whats the total file space used..And type of media burnt to?

  second best 18:32 27 Jun 2003

hi rtus, thnx. no, i only connected the second hdd this afternoon, so it wont have anything to do with it. i can access the last session. the dcr has about 650 mb on it

  Rtus 18:44 27 Jun 2003

your using CDRW media ? or CDR ? either way I believe its limited to 530mb

  second best 19:23 27 Jun 2003

rtus, i am using CD-R's 80 minute 700mb, and the first session is 622mb and the latter which i can access is only 33. it is the 1st session (622mb) which im trying to get into

  Rtus 20:26 27 Jun 2003

I wonder if this may be it ? click here

  second best 02:30 28 Jun 2003

that page doesnt seem to work at tthis end rtus. was ther something specific on it?

  Rtus 10:28 28 Jun 2003

Actually it gave the explanation.."nero only shows last session when disk is mounted .but the full content of the cd is readable via the explorer" why it doesnt find the page is odd as i double checked it last night before and after posting..However..try here and then multisession cds (see if it works then )
click here

  Rtus 10:33 28 Jun 2003

But thats a bit of a bind ..Heres the extract I refered to above ..Question:
Can you make multisession cds with Nero?

With Nero, when you select a CDROM(ISO) format to create a Data CD, you can seelct Start Multisession or No Multisession. If you choose No Multisession, you can have each session as a seperate Volume. But only the last Session will be mounted or seen when inserted in your PC. However, with Nero's Multisession Mounter, you can go in through the Windows Explorer to mount any session you wish. But all sessions written in the CDROM(ISO) format will be data. WAV files will remain WAV and MP3 will remain MP3 formats.

And I hope that hasnt mucked about with PCA page..

  second best 13:38 28 Jun 2003

ok, thnx alot rtus, but i'm no closer to fixing this prob lol. it happened last year sometime, , so i think there's a little error somewhere, but i don't know where.

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