Nero InCD Error Message

  Mike2002 21:26 26 Feb 2003

I'm running Windows 98SE, with Nero burning CD-ROM, and InCD Packet Writing to CD-RW.
The disks are Verbatim 700MB. Sometimes when a disk is inserted, this message appears:
"Previous unmounted disc processing error.
Backup the data and reformat the disc."
Buyt the disk can still be written to. After a few instances of this message, I reformatted the disk, but I'm still getting the same message. Can anyone tell me what it means. Should I be concerned - or ignore it?

  Rtus 22:09 26 Feb 2003

Have you tried with a new CDRW disk .What version of incd (right click its icon in the tray.version info.)And which brand drive you using..and are you also using direct cd too or not?

  Mike2002 22:31 26 Feb 2003

I KNEW I'd forget something!!
CDdrive is Liteonit LTR-16101B. InCD version is At present am only using one disk. I originally bought a box of five (only had the drive since Xmas), but one disk is currently sufficient for my modest requirements.
Direct CD two? Not sure what you mean.

  Rtus 22:58 26 Feb 2003

Direct Cd is adaptecs Udf burning program it can cause problems if youve got this loaded too ..I had one Cdrw disk that came with my drive (ricoh brand) and thats operated fantastically ever since ,however I only ever use it on compiling programs. My previous drive used a 5 pack of Traxdata CDRW and all failed after a couple of burns .. I now only use CDR disks as I can scrap any I dont want,They are far more reliable.Are your CDr discs ok ? Do try to format and test a new disk as you allready have them see if that goes ok .your error message could simply be because youve copied too much to the disk normally 530 mb is total available size after format.

  Mike2002 23:45 26 Feb 2003

No am not using CD Two. I'll experiment with a couple of my other new disks and see how it goes long-term. Have noticed that this CD-RW is much slower to respond to, say, a Zip disk.

  Ironman556 23:51 26 Feb 2003

Are you using high-speed RW discs are just standard ones? The standard one's will write at 4x which is quite slow to most new drives. Your Drive will support 10x (or High-speed) RW discs. these are a lot quicker to write than the standard one's. Both types are probably suitabe for your needs.


  Mike2002 00:05 27 Feb 2003

High speed disks - I don't know. Haven't got the original box they came in, and it doesn't give any info on the disks themselves. I've just looked on Verbatim's website, but none of the product descriptions or names relate to mine.
Mine are in slim-line cases, but have no inserts or info at all. When I refered to the slowness of CD-RW, sometimes I click on a file or icon and nothing happens for several seconds before it springs into action.

  Rtus 21:49 27 Feb 2003

you installed this burner yourself? if so how have you set it up which Ide channel and as Master or Slave? have you checked for update for incd on the web?

  Mike2002 20:33 09 Mar 2003

Sorry for the delayed response.
Rtus: The CD-ROM drive is set to 'Master' and has its own IDE channel. The problem at present is this: The 'Copying' box'locks up' when attempting to copy, for example, 'My Documents' (size 149MB, (532,643,840 bytes used)to CD-RW. (It did, however, do a complete copy on one occasion).
But I can copy the complete Folder if I select groups of Folders and files bit by bit. This is very laborious, and shouldn't be necessary.
The same thing happens when attempting to Delete the whole folder. It gets so far then locks up.
I then press Ctrl/Alt/Delete, but that locks up as well. Restarting is the only to start all over again - often with the same result.
As yet, I've had no problems with burning CD-Rs.

  Rtus 00:27 10 Mar 2003

As I dont know the full details Mobo etc,,I'll ask did you build this unit? It still sounds like a conflicting Ide problem Maybe using win98se generic driver instead of mobo's own Ide ones.,Do you some times get a tourch displayed as its asked to open the windows explorer? or my computer icon route to browse the c: drive for instance ?

  Rtus 00:42 10 Mar 2003

other little oddities can happen like power saving /screen savers /tasks and other routines interfere with the system and cause the freeze up .perhaps you posting a more detailed system info might help more..

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