nero full version V nero se

  sunny staines 16:33 24 May 2005

I am looking to buy a dvd rw.

some players come with nero se, can anyone tell me what is missing from the "se" version.

I have nero 5.5 which came with my cd rw and it was the full version but restricted to my cd rw plyer.

  CHAIRLEG 17:21 24 May 2005

I have just had a Lite-On SOHW-16735 DVD-RW fitted at PC WORLD.It came with NERO SUITE 6 OEM Version and Cyberlink Power DVD 5.You can upgrade NERO Online which gives you.Virus Checking Before Burning.Cross Fading Option and Use of Burners Simultaneously.I am quite happy without the upgrade.There were 4 updates to download after mine was fitted.

  sunny staines 17:29 24 May 2005

how much did the drive cost? my cdrw is a liteon and I have been impressed with it, I was thinking of a liteon dvd rw.

I will fit it myself but not sure whether to replace the cd rw or the basic dvd read only rom.

  SEASHANTY 20:10 24 May 2005

Burning questions
click here

  CHAIRLEG 22:48 24 May 2005

It cost me £59 99 but iam sure you can get it alot cheeper on the net but as i was having free fitting and health check I had it done at PC WORLD Plus i am not clever enough to fit it myself.

  CHAIRLEG 22:53 24 May 2005

On their Tecs advice I had it to replace CD-RW and left the DVD-ROM inplace.

  sunny staines 04:46 25 May 2005

thanks for the link it was spot on in answering my question.

did not see liteon on the pcworld web,i will pop into our local branch.

thanks to all that replied

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