Nero Express very slow to start.

  MIke 20:43 14 Aug 2004

I've upgraded my version of Nero 5 that came with my cd writer to V from the Ahead website. I now find that Nero Express takes a lot lot longer to load up (about 45 seconds before I can do anything with it) as compared with Nero (Under 4 seconds). Nero Express used to start up a bit faster than Nero.

Anyone had similar problems?

I'm also finding that cdr's that I had no problem writing to (Sony) are now throwing up errors in Nero, mainly Power calibration errors or media speed errors, even if I tell Nero to burn at just 2x or 4x I get these media speed errors.

However,the same discs burn just fine if I use the burning facilities in programs such as Adobe PhotoAlbum, Ulead's DVD Picture Show, or Windows media Player.

Win XP Home SP1, AMD 1400, 512MB RAM, Ricoh MP7200A CDR/RW

Thanks for any pointers.


  Sans le Sou 22:31 14 Aug 2004

Sounds like it may be a bad installation. Have you done a reinstall? Better still download the Nero clean tool from ahead and remove Nero completely,then reinstall from your Ricoh version and then the upgrade.

  MIke 10:26 15 Aug 2004

Thanks for the reply. I've tried a re-install, but wasn't aware of the clean tool. I'll give that a go



  MIke 11:03 15 Aug 2004

I've tried the Clean Tool, and re-installation then upgrade but Nero Express still takes an age to get going. I've not tried a burn yet to see if the other problem has been sorted but will report back


  MIke 18:34 15 Aug 2004

Still get Power Calibration error with Sony CDR'S. Packard Bell OK though.

  TommyRed 18:51 15 Aug 2004

Did you use the Nero 5 clean tool click here or the Nero general clean tool. Here's the link to the specific version cleaner. HTH TR

  MIke 19:04 15 Aug 2004

Thanks TommyRed I used the General Clean Tool. I'll try the one you sent link too. The Ahead Site is a bit of a Minefield to navigate!!



  TommyRed 19:22 15 Aug 2004

I've had to use it once before, so I know it exists but finding it was a 'mare. TR

  MIke 19:45 15 Aug 2004

Thanks TommyRed

I've done as you suggested, and managed to burn to a Sony CDR no problem, so fingers crossed that problem is now solved.

Nero Express is still take forever to load up, but I found by accident that if I launch Nero Express with a blank CDR in my CDRW drive it loads as fast as Nero. Not sure why this is but I think I'll leave well alone now and tick resolved.

Thanks for your help both


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