Nero Express installation problems

  Aspman 11:34 26 Apr 2004

I'm not having much luck with this software.

I'm having problems installing this software on two different machines with two different drives (and LG and a BenQ).

On the first machine (LG) I had a lot of problems with the installation process terminating early. Eventually the software installed but refuses to recognise any CDRW media.

On the second machine (BenQ) I cannot get the software to install at all. The installation terminates with the error:

1607:Unable to install installshield scripting runtime.

I have run the Nero clean uninstall tool on the second machine and reinstalled but with no success.

Any ideas out there?

Kind regards.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:20 26 Apr 2004

Did the software come with a particular piece of hardware? If so, it may be tied to that one only. Just a thought...

  GaT7 13:33 26 Apr 2004

These may help - click here, click here, click here.

  GaT7 13:43 26 Apr 2004

You didn't mention which OS on each machine.

Also see: click here & click here.

  woodchip 13:59 26 Apr 2004

Copy the CD to Hard Drive and try running the setup file from the copy in safe mode

  Aspman 10:07 27 Apr 2004

I've used the supplied disks with each piece of hardware but also a Nero 5.5 disk on the second machine.

The machines are running W98SE and XPpro repectively.

I'll look through your links and try your suggestion woodchip.

Kind regards.

  Aspman 15:46 27 Apr 2004

On the latter XP machine I have fixed the problem by:

I:sorting out a problem with a network drive
II: installing the ISShield.msi first and on its own.
III: running the Nero installer.

  Aspman 20:26 29 Apr 2004

The Windows 98 machine is driving me nuts.

It is an LG 52x CDRW Model=GCE-8524B

Still a current model. I just could not get this drive to see any blank CDR or CDRW media. It will read written disks either home made or factory printed CDs. I thought there was a conflict with this machine and I've installed all sorts of ASPI drivers and fixes with no result. The drive does work however as I installed an old copy of CLone CD which would copy disks. Nero still wouldn't touch it. I gave up and took the drive away mumbling my apologies.

I've hooked it up to my machine at home now (XPpro SP1). I have an LG 48x drive fitted with no probs. It's running nero 5.5. I fitted the 52X drive to my machine replacing the 48X to test and it is showing the same problem here too. Nero is not recognising the drive at all in this case.

Is it faulty? Am I missing something here?
Is Nero on my machine locked to one drive?

  woodchip 23:07 29 Apr 2004

The Software is the Problem as it does not recognize all CDRW's if you did not get NERO with the Drive go to the AHEAD NERO site and see if there is a patch for your drive, as the software contains the drivers for the re-write part of the Drive. When you just fit it in the Comp Windows Loads the drive in MSCDEX so that it reads CD's, but not the write part.

  Dan the Confused 23:24 29 Apr 2004

Also at the Ahead homepage you can download CLEANPACK.ZIP which will check for any driver conflicts.

  Aspman 09:19 30 Apr 2004

Later on in the evening I uninstalled Nero 5.5 on my machine with the nero clean tool and installed Nero Express the dive version. It did work but it was unstable and crashed frequently.

I've listed the drive on Ebay now to try to recover some money.

I'll check the Ahead site for patches and the cleanpack prog.

Much appreciated.

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