nero dvd divx probs

  LivEviL 20:31 20 Dec 2005

i have a divx file which is 1.14 GB which is fine but when i go to make it into a dvd with the make you own dvd thing on nero when i add the .divx file it goes to 5GB+ y is this and how can i make it lower? do i have to convert the .divx file to avi or somthing? and if so whats reliable software to do this? as anything i have takes ages and then changes the file to really really slow many thanks in advance

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:38 20 Dec 2005

I think it's because Divx is a format for compressing video. The compression on dvd standard is not so good.

When you have your 5gb file, try using something like DVDshrink, this may get it down to a size that will fit on a DVD.

I'm no expert mind.

  LivEviL 21:47 20 Dec 2005

yeah but the .divX file is 1Gb so why would it make such a drastic change its confuddleing!

  martd77 22:43 20 Dec 2005

Yes divx is a well known compression format for video,normally a 700mb avi when converted to a dvd format uncompresses to around 2.5 gb,why nero makes it into a 5gb file i do not know?
What are you using just nerovision to reencode the file an burn it to dvd?
Tasselhoff solution to use dvd shrink will work as the program shrinks the file to fit on the dvd but this isnt ideal in your case,you are using a compressed file,uncompressing it to a dvd format then compressing it again using dvd shrink,loss of quality using all those processes.
Suggest you try one of the trial versions of vso divx to dvd or maybe winavi 7.1 and see what size the file outputs at using those programs.
Nero is a good suite but the reencoding side isnt always reliable and it takes forever to reencode.
Hope this helps you some what

  LivEviL 22:48 20 Dec 2005

ok ill give it ago i have winavi but it seems to take for ever
but hey ill have ago!

  martd77 22:55 20 Dec 2005

my p4 2.4 with 1gb ddr takes approx 30mins to encode an divx 700mb file to dvd format,if your takes longer,its the file size or your pc spec

good luck

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