Nero Data disc or MP3 disk

  Switcher 16:42 20 Jan 2008

When copying MP3 files to a Cd to play in an MP3 cd player is there any difference between creating a data disc and adding the mp3 files or creating an MP3 audio disc. (Nero 6 )

  ambra4 16:44 20 Jan 2008

Use make a MP3 audio disc

  Switcher 16:48 20 Jan 2008

What it the difference ? Both seem to do the same thing

  ambra4 17:12 20 Jan 2008

The data disk would not play in all cd players like some car stereo systems, and some home players while the audio cd will play in all cd players once it an Mp3 player

  br1anstorm 17:18 20 Jan 2008

I'm not an expert (still trying to figure out such things myself). But I think the difference is this:

If you burn MP3s to a CD as a "data disc", then the tracks are transferred as MP3s - so you can get up to 100 or so tracks on a CD, and the disc can be read/played on an MP3-compatible cd player.

If you burn MP3s to a CD using the "audio disc" option in your (Nero or other) software, then (as I understand it) during the burning, Nero converts the MP3s into a format (possibly .wav?) which enables them to be read on ordinary CD players as well. This conversion un-compresses the MP3s, so you end up only being able to burn around 15-20 tracks on to a standard blank CD.

Hope this helps. If it's not quite acurate, I'm sure someone else will comment!


  ambra4 17:43 20 Jan 2008

“Nero converts the MP3s into a format”

Not quite right if you make an audio cd, Nero will un-compresses the MP3s, so you end up only being able to burn around 15-20 tracks and can be play on all cd players

If you use make a MP3 audio disc using Nero the disc can be read/played on all MP3-compatible cd player and car stereo system

Take a read of this posting

click here

  Switcher 19:42 20 Jan 2008

Have just made two discs using both methods. Each has 164 tracks and are identical with original mp3 files unchanged. Also noticed that the help bubble at "Make MP3 cd" says "this will make a data disk containing your mp3 files" I made have mislead people with my original post which asked about "Make Mp3 Audio Cd". The correct wording is as above "Make MP3 disc"

  br1anstorm 21:21 20 Jan 2008

I invited correction, but ambra4, this comment in your post puzzles me: "if you make an audio cd, Nero will un-compresses the MP3s". Yes. That means it is converting/changing them. So what file-format does it burn on to the disc? Not MP3s, anyway!

  Totally-braindead 22:20 20 Jan 2008

I haven't tried this so I might be wrong with this but what I assume is this.

If you burn existing MP3s as DATA then thats what you will get a DATA disk of MP3 files, if you choose to create an MP3 disk then I assume it will convert files that are not MP3s to MP3 before burning.
See what I mean. I don't know if this is the case but this is what I think it does, I cannot say for sure as all my audio files are already MP3s but it should be reasonably easy to check. Put a standard audio CD in and copy one of the tracks as is to a file but do not make it MP3 keep it as an audio file and try creating an MP3 disk using this track.
If I am right in my assumption then Nero will convert the audio track to MP3 before burning.
If the original files are MP3s anyway then it will just burn the MP3s as nothing else is needed.

If you do try it and it works as I think then please post back and tell us.

  Switcher 00:24 21 Jan 2008

Well totally -Braindead I feel totally brain dead at the moment so will try tomorrow and post result

  Switcher 00:51 21 Jan 2008

Tried out your idea TBD discovered that Make MP3 disc will only accept MP3 music files ie *.mp3 or *.m3u. even if filter is set to *.* Have also noted that help bubble states that Make Mp3 disc "will make a data disc from your mp3 files"
Therefore I conclude that Make MP3 disc option is basically the same as make data disc except that make mp3 disc only accets MP3 music files.

Have simarly noted that Make WMA disc will only accept *.wma and *.M3u files

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