Nero copy 1Gb File. How?

  penny 00:59 17 Jan 2003
  penny 00:59 17 Jan 2003

I have used Nero for quite awhile but have never needed to exceed the size of a CD. In other words how do I get Nero to use more than one CD when I copy a 1Gb file? Cheers

  bigdamouk 01:07 17 Jan 2003

you cant exceed the size of the cd (unless somebody can say otherwise?). you'd have to split the file into 2 then burn 2 seperate cdrw's

  penny 01:07 17 Jan 2003

PS I want to copy the file from my HardDrive and can't split it. Thanks

  penny 01:11 17 Jan 2003

Bigdamouk. I think there is a way to get Nero to use more than one CD when copying large files or is this only when you are backing up your HardDrive using Nero?

  bigdamouk 01:11 17 Jan 2003

dont think u can unless you get hold of a DVD dvd's have a 4gb capacity...where as cdrw have up to 800mbs

  DieSse 01:20 17 Jan 2003

Use WinZip to compress it first - it will almost certainly end up small enough to fit on a CD.

  wetterfugal 22:20 17 Jan 2003

click here and you will be directed to a free file spliting program, or search on Google for file spliters.

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  woodchip 22:26 17 Jan 2003

Will it compress enough to go on a CD. Glad I do not have to read it if it's text!!!!!

  woodchip 22:27 17 Jan 2003

PS try Windows backup to see what it reduces the size to

  penny 01:59 18 Jan 2003

Thanks for the suggestions but what I am trying to do is put a DriveImage backup of my friends computer onto Disk by removing his HardDrive and connecting it to my computer as the Slave. My friend doesn't have a CD Writer. I think the Image is already compressed. Cheers

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