blackpat 10:35 04 Jan 2006

(Windows xp home) I have Nero version That I have had for about 5 years (it came in a package with the old tiny computor for windows 95/98. I have always had varying degrees of problems with it, but have managed to burn the things I wanted eventually, but lately it seems to be getting worse and sometimes just rejects the brand new blank cd.. I have had windows xp for over a year. Do you think it's time for me to get a newer version of nero?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:41 04 Jan 2006

Version 6 OEM can be picked up for less than a tenner - or free if you mail me and I'll send you an unwanted version. I bought a couple of DVD writers, both coming with Nero 6 but I don't need both copies of nero.

Click on the envelope by my name if you want it. I'm going out now for a few hours but will get back sometime later.

  blackpat 20:26 04 Jan 2006

Diodorus, thanks very much for your offer, that was very kind of you. I went shopping this afternoon and called in pc world, where they had the Roxio easy media creator suit 8 on offer (£39.99 instead of the usual £59.99) so I treated myself to one. It's supposed to do everything including washing the dishes !! :>). I'l put it on the computor tomorrow and hope it will solve my problems. Thanks very much for your kindness,
Regards, Blackpat.

  LivEviL 20:28 04 Jan 2006

nero prem verso 7 is very good! download trials of the software its alot more stable then it used to be!

  Diodorus Siculus 21:16 04 Jan 2006

Pity you didn't see Nero 7 Premium - that was down to £30 in PCW the last week or so :-)

  blackpat 05:44 05 Jan 2006

I did see nero 7 premium, but it was £59.99, so I must have missed the nero offer :>(

  Diodorus Siculus 08:06 05 Jan 2006

The offer must have ended. I posted here last week to ask if it was worth upgrading from version 6 and the consensus seemed to be that it wasn't.

Roxi is highly capable anyway and will do all that you want with ease.

  blackpat 06:50 06 Jan 2006

Thanks for your help and advice all, I'm much obliged

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