Nero-CD-RW Photos

  caast©? 22:26 17 Jun 2004

I want to write a CD-RW with my photo collection with Nero that I can view on my DVD.

I copied a couple of pics to try out, but when I came back I could not write any more to the CD-RW

Do I need to do something else? M

  Totally-braindead 22:29 17 Jun 2004

You're better creating a multisession disk, and as well you're better not using cdrw. cdrs are better, more reliable and less likely to become corrupted. Write the disk as data and you can keep adding pics to the disk, remember to make sure the box is ticked for multisession, it should be on by default if I remember rightly.

  caast©? 23:04 17 Jun 2004

I will try that out, Obviously I want to use RW as I want to keep adding.

  Bapou 23:17 17 Jun 2004

Assuming you were able to view the few pictures you have on CDRW, I would suggest erasing the disc, start a multisession using those few photos.

Then test your multisession will work in the DVD Player. An 'unclosed' disc often does not in other than your computer, similar to an 'unclosed' audio CD in a stereo player.

If it does not then use CDR's and build up a collection, it's cheaper!

  woodchip 23:18 17 Jun 2004

First your DVD may not be able to read photo's. If it can they are best saved in JPEG, as that is what most that can read photo's use. In NERO when you start the program click the cancel button for the new compilation, the go to menu and erase the disc contents. Then go to file New, choose to create a Multi-session disc and drag the photo's on to the CD

  caast©? 23:45 17 Jun 2004

Cheers I have no problem re-writing to the disk, but cannot view in the DVD.

I have a friend who says he can write jpegs to disk and view on the DVD so I thought I would give it a go, but he is away so I cannot ask him how he has done it.

  MIke 23:58 17 Jun 2004

Does your dvd player support VCD? If so use nero to create a VCD. Not sure if that's what you are doing, but wrth a mention

  tigerb 07:34 18 Jun 2004

If you have XP you don't need to use Nero, just click on "My Pictures", "Picture Tasks" select the pictures you wish to save to CD and click on "Copy to CD" you can keep on doing this until you get a CD full message.
My CDRW can show on my Samsung DVD that supports jpegs, but not my Sony which doesn't.

  User-312386 07:47 18 Jun 2004

I assume you are creating the cd's in SVCD?

  caast©? 19:55 18 Jun 2004

I am posting this before settling down to support my ancestral roots.. (footy)so it will be a couple of hours before logging back on.

Anyway I have tried all the various options with Nero, the problem as I see it is that it is not capable of writing VCD jpeg pics to a re-writable disc more than once.

No problems writing to the first session, but as soon as you want to add more jpegs and burn Nero informs that you have data on the disc and offers to erase. Decline and it wants blank medium.

However this is just my view, if anyone has done this or knows anyway of doing this i.e. wrote jpegs to a CD-RW, that are viewable on the DVD (Even if they did not use Nero) and then added more to the same CD-RW could you please come back to me and let me know how to achieve it.

  woodchip 20:21 18 Jun 2004

It will cos i'v done it

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