Nero CD rom burning problem

  muddypaws 20:58 25 Jun 2003

Running XP home. Recently got Kodak 4330 dig cam.
Photos downloaded into PhotoImpressions in file Madeira 2003. Photos listed as mad1--mad116.
Go into Nero CD burning rom.
Go through panels clicking 'next'.
Come to 'open panel'
Open 'my albums' and get all photos listed nos. 1--116.
In box requiring 'file name' enter Madeira 2003.
'Can't find file'
'My albums' panel shows that all the 116 photos are ' Madeira 2003.abm. Size 4,681,820. Type ABM File'
They are also shown as PSF not JPG.
Whatever I enter in 'file'box Nero can't find it.
Any ideas please so I can wipe my photo card!

  Brian-336451 21:56 25 Jun 2003

Can you save the files to a temporary directory on your hard drive, from there you could change any attributes which may be blocking Nero?

I always save to a hard drive directory in case anything goes wrong, belt and braces etc.

  Rtus 00:59 26 Jun 2003

Generally the Pics are kept in 2 places use explorer and browse to C:\Program Files\*ArcSoft\*Camera Suite\PhotoImpression AND then look for sub folders Albums & should find your pics there....In nero just drag the required files to the New compilation Window..And then write the CD..( * depending on Program used..)

  muddypaws 09:53 26 Jun 2003

Sorry, but I can get to my photos in several places. I have edited all of them, but only into PhotoImp. Its the fact that Nero wont accept or can't find whatever file I enter into the Nero box. This is the first time I have tried to burn a CD!!
Not THAT Brian May- Thanks I'll have a go at that if I can find how to do it!

  MichelleC 12:45 26 Jun 2003

Also try (in PhotoImpact) 'save as' images as jpegs into a folder and burn that folder. Nero is easier at burning folders instead of files, so there's no need to open folder in Nero - if you see what I mean.

  Rtus 16:58 26 Jun 2003

Must be an XP thing....LOL. Hope you get sorted..

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