nero cd burning

  struggle8 15:31 13 Mar 2003

I resently brought a cdr-cdrw drive all was fine the nero sotware that came with it is ok but now I have a diferent pc I cannot get nero to run it will install ok but it wont work with the cdr-cdrw drive in the new pc something to do with its not the cdr-cdrw drive it came with, how do I get nero to work as I have already paid for the sofware when I brought the drive.

  tenor 15:35 13 Mar 2003

Nero works with just about anything.Did you get any messages during the install?

  struggle8 15:39 13 Mar 2003

no some thing to do with it will only work with the drive it came with in the box

  Terrahawk 15:40 13 Mar 2003

open nero burning rom it will give you a wizard
compile new cd copy cd cancel that you should come to the main screen on the toolbar at the topgo to recorder then choose recorder it will then give you the option to choose your drive
hopefuly this will work for you

  lemon2 15:40 13 Mar 2003

Assuming you have the full retail version of Nero. During the install process Nero asks which of the CD drives (CD, CD-RW, DVD, or whatever you have on your PC) you wish to use it with. You then select your current CD-RW drive.

However, many CD-RW's come bundled with Nero, that are specific to that drive. And won't run properly, if at all, on another system. In this case, you will either have to buy a retail version of Nero, which is configurable to any drive. Or see if the supplier of your PC, will give you a version of Nero that is specific to your new PC's CD-RW

  struggle8 15:46 13 Mar 2003

well ill have to have a look dont know if its a full retail version didn`t ask anything about which drive on install. so I gather that its not ok tryed nti cd maker pro which is a full retail version but that does the same and wont burn.

  Stuartli 16:05 13 Mar 2003

Try downloading the latest version of Nero - it will include the addition of more recent rewriters to the list.

If it's a dedicated version of Nero i.e. TDK, Plextor, Lite-On etc it will only work with that particular brand; same for the updates.

  woodchip 16:30 13 Mar 2003

Have you removed a CD Drive and fitted the CDRW in place of it, If so you mite try this remove the CD drive from Device Manager and restart your computer it will re-detect the new drive

  struggle8 16:39 13 Mar 2003

nero came with lite-on cdr-cdrw that probable why it wont work then. wood chip no the cdr-cdrw came with the pc and the only sofware that came with it is called record now which is rubbish. I want to use nero cos I know how it works if you see what I mean prefered on . oh well just have to buy a copy unless I can download one for FREE cos im tight.

  Bandy 21:21 13 Mar 2003

I recently bought a new cd writer and Nero 5.5.9 came bundled with it, and yes as some others have said, it was cd writer specific.

The installation went painlessly but on trying to write I kept getting errors.

The problem was solved when I obtained the free download 5.5.10a

It may be that the same download can solve your problem

  IZZY 21:33 13 Mar 2003


I'm a bit pushed for time right now so can't give you full details but you might find the answer here,

click here

amongst the FAQs



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