Nero causes system freeze

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 18:36 08 Mar 2003

Hope the gurus can help, everytime nero finishs burning a cd it causes the whole system to freeze, have tried the usual (reload, sys restore etc) but still no joy, am running win me,512 mb ram 64mb graphics celeron 1.2ghz Nero5.5 (latest) it is beginning to be a bit of a pain. As an aside now again windows explorer also does the same can it be related?

Again any help welcome

  hellred 06:18 09 Mar 2003

What OS are you running ?
Have you any other Cd Writing software installed ?

  New Zealander 08:46 09 Mar 2003

Have you tried totally deleting Nero, & removing all Nero & Ahead registry entries using Regedit or click here then reinstalling the program?

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 13:06 09 Mar 2003


I am running Win Me, no other burning software installed as I know that Nero hates that,
New Zealander
Yes tried all that what a pain it was as well.
I have also posted that windows exlorer will also cause a freeze now and again, and this mornig outlook express froze when i opened an E-mail!! have tried restore to last week (which when it first started), have not downloaded anything, full scan done with AVG, and the firewall reports no attempts so I guess that discounts a virus/trojan.

  anchor 15:06 09 Mar 2003

I downloaded the latest update for Nero about 10 days ago. I found that following the installtion of the update, my ME windows explorer started to play up, and I had problems in burning with Nero.

In the end, I formatted the whole drive, and reinstalled everything, BUT with an older version of Nero. I then tried installing the latest update, and one again, problems!. I then removed Nero completely, and used system restore. Reinstalling the older Nero got everything back to normal.

Does`nt solve your problem, but perhaps a consolation to know that you are not alone.

  jomas 17:28 09 Mar 2003

I too have been having similar problems with win 98SE since installing the latest Nero update. Simply inserting a cd in the drive results in the system freezing and a ctrl-alt-del brings up the box of running progs and indicates that explorer is not respondig. It would seem that this Nero update is causing a few problems with systems running ME and 98SE I think I will have to follow Anchor's example and reinstall every thing to cure the problem.
Sorry I haven't been able to offer any help but as you see I'm in the same boat

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 18:34 09 Mar 2003

TO ALL who have tried to help!, it would seem by general consensus that the "new improved" version of Nero has buggered up my lovely smooth running system!!!! funny thing is I only upgraded Nero due to a post on this forum it promised "new enriched life experiances" etc!!! So it looks like another sleepless night trying to get my system back to the way it was (reminds me of a song?) before the big boys decided to unlease a new and improved version on the unsuspecting gullibel public!! Ah well just as well I backed up my system!!!!!!

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 19:15 09 Mar 2003


  bluenote 01:01 10 Mar 2003

I also have the same problem,mainly when copying a cd.i emailed nero and they advised me to download their latest upgrade.which I did ,but even this hasn't cured it. I think i may go back to my older version where I never had a problem.

  jomas 11:57 10 Mar 2003

AHEAD have acknowedged that the Nero update has caused problems with win95, 98 and ME and have posted at click here a further update together with another file nerocd95_inst.exe which is supposed to correct the problems of the previous update. I have installed this file but it has not made any difference to my system, it still freezes when a cd is inserted. Perhaps it might work for you

  Rtus 18:08 10 Mar 2003

The problems indicated in the post ,could be several items to look for , Sytem resources.hard drive space how much used ?,how many conflicting software issues and tasks running at startup to name a few ,then there may be memory errors (usually down to multiple sticks not matching) Ide driver for mother board not present(using generic one loaded at installation of O/S ,Iomega drivers clashing with system.Incd clashing with Direct Cd (Doesnt allways clash some get away with using both)Cpu speed ( min spec for Burning etc)and many more Although Theonewhowatchesoveryou's spec seems ok for that ..But please remember if these type of problems are to be solved .Please add as much info as possible about your setup ..Also not everyone combination is the same so it may take longer to find in each case..
I would start by looking into Msconfig to see what can be turned off using the other post as a guide to this one.. click here

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