Nero Burning Speed

  stefan-194811 17:55 26 Sep 2004


I have had a problem with comp for last few days and im puzzled to what it could be, i had a problem with boot up it was taking ages then all of a sudden one morning it started just like normal but when i went to burn a dvd it took 40 minutes? with 8x writer and disks which have always burned in 7 minutes, i put it down to a bad disk but second dvd was the same and third so i tought it might of been down to some software i'd installed so i removed it still the same so did a system restore, restarted and then boot up started to take an age again roughly about 7 minutes, went to burn a dvd again in nero and it burned in 9 minutes which was better.

Then yesterday still having the slow boot problem i thought i'd try and make sure the cables on drives and motherboard where sercurly pushed in started comp and now its ok, but have now gone back to the problem with nero burning at 35 minutes now.
ive downloaded and installed the latest nero updates and im running nero and windows xp and have a 16x benq dvd-rom and a nec 2500a writer and have never had this trouble before.
i have noticed with the used read buffer that when it starts burning the bar goes right up to 100% but then starts going down to 49-50% and stays there for the duration of the burn.

As anyone got any idea as to what could be up because im exhausted with it.

Thanks stef

  MichelleC 20:25 26 Sep 2004

3 things increase burning speed or prevent errors:

DMA enabled on drives (check in Device manager IDE/APTAPI Controllers and right-click each drive/Properties)

Paging file at least 2 times ram total

Turn off non-vital b/ground progs.

  stefan-194811 22:55 26 Sep 2004

checked for dma enabled and its on dma if available.
ive shut down every running prog barring incd.

but dont understand the Paging file at least 2 times ram total?

If u could add abit for depth chhers.

  User-312386 23:36 26 Sep 2004

let windows do your page filing

  MichelleC 19:57 27 Sep 2004

Maybe check for spyware or viruses? Adaware is good.

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