Nero burning software

  KJ823 21:27 08 Mar 2006

I am running Windows 98 and using Nero 5 burning software. I have just created a Data Disc but, when trying to access the disc in Explorer, it says the disc is empty. I have had the same problem when using the Copy Entire Disc feature. There is an option ‘allow files to be added later [multi session disc]’ and I have tried this both ticked and unticked. On the ‘more’ options button there is another tick box ‘finalize disc’ and again I have tried it ticked and unticked.

I have used the Nero software successfully for some time now including recently so realise I must be doing something daft! Any help would be gratefully received.


  howard63 21:29 08 Mar 2006

it would seem that the cd is not being finalised

  KJ823 21:30 08 Mar 2006

The problem still happens if I tick the 'finalize disc' box so is there something else I need to do?

  ade.h 21:35 08 Mar 2006

How does the same brand of disc - assuming it's a CD and not a DVD - perform when written with XP's own burning capability?

This is based on the Roxio core, so might behave a bit differently with these discs, or the discs could be dodgy (which does happen sometimes).

  KJ823 21:36 08 Mar 2006

They are CD's not DVD's but I only have W98 so cannot try XP

  ade.h 21:45 08 Mar 2006

Sorry; I didn't notice that. I've been so used to seeing XP everywhere for ages now, that it's easy to forget about the last remaining Win9x users.

  ade.h 21:46 08 Mar 2006

Have a go with something free like Deepburner, just to eliminate possible causes.

  KJ823 21:48 08 Mar 2006

OK will do that, thanks

  KJ823 22:30 08 Mar 2006

Have just tried Deepburner but seem to have the same problem, a blank disc at the end.

What am I doing wrong?

  ade.h 22:37 08 Mar 2006

Try another brand of disc next. Rule things out before you start thinking that it's user error.

  KJ823 22:39 08 Mar 2006

Thanks, will do! Will mark as resolved but will come back if still a problem.
Thanks again

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