Nero Burning 6 Ultra

  dlguk 13:20 18 Jan 2005

Ok the last posting I was moaning about not being able to get 82mins onto an 80min blank, that solved I now need to know how to lengthen the 'pause' between tracks (2 seconds is not enough). I tried the Help file but "it cannot be found" I am sure I came across the relevant adjustment but now I just can't find it. Incase anyone suggests writing an 8 second blank track I have tried that, not very satisfactory.


  €dstowe 13:23 18 Jan 2005

Nero help files/manuals click here

  dlguk 14:21 18 Jan 2005

Thank you, thats where I must have seen it before, thanks for your help.
Ty €dstowe but that was all I required.



  Sethhaniel 14:45 18 Jan 2005

So you want extra space on CD to fill up with blank spaces ??? ;)

  dlguk 17:38 18 Jan 2005

hi Sethhaniel, it is a long story but suffice it to say, having compressed the voice files making it possible to get two on one cd, I dont want them to sound as though they are one and 2 seconds has that effect.
Oh btw crx1600, according to Nero my 'drive' will only allow 3 seconds and refused to burn till it was changed The plot sickens, I mean thickens, I think.


  dlguk 21:30 18 Jan 2005

There are only two tracks :-(

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