Nero Burning 6 et al

  Tankie 74 19:28 26 Jan 2006

In the last few months I have bought a nw computer and as a consequence Roxio 5 will noit work. I used to use this for backing up a CD/RW. I had Nero but never used it. Pinnacle was installed on the new computer but when I tried to use it last week although it seemed to work & burn properly when I tried to open the disk it hung. The local shop where I bought the computer from uninstalled Pinnacle at my request and installed Nero 6s. 2 days ago using Nero and new Tuff D/SC disks I tried again but again they hung. The shop said I had been trying to burn using compression and that it now worked properly and gave me disks that had backed up filesetc. Some of these still do not open correctly.
Some disks burn and will not open, some open eventually and some disks arec rejected after being used once before and formatted.
What the hell is going on.
What do you think of Pinnacle, Nero and Roxio Easy CD creator? Can I use Roxio 5 will a bit of tweaking?

  VoG II 21:10 26 Jan 2006

My understanding is that Nero and Roxio software do not 'get on'. You basically need to decide which one you want to use and uninstall the other.

  rmcqua 11:16 27 Jan 2006

I have always found Nero to be easier to use and more problem-free than Roxio.

  Tankie 74 09:03 28 Jan 2006

I only have Nero installed.I have uninstalled Pinnacle last wek and Roxio 5. isan early version which doesn't work on XP.

  pj123 14:57 28 Jan 2006

I think we all know that CD-RW discs are very unstable and unreliable. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I now do not use RW discs anymore.

Having said that, are you using InCD to format the discs? I have found the latest version of InCD seems to have problems. I have uninstalled it from my computer, as I don't use RW discs anyway as CDRs are so cheap now. I just use them as a Multisession disc and when full start another one.

I have the latest version of Nero which has a Backitup module and I now use this to backup to DVDs and not CDs.

  Tankie 74 19:14 02 Feb 2006

Thanks for the info. I have been back to the shop and had some tuition on Nero 6. It seems that it is the Tuffdisc DVD-RW's that are unstable. I have ben advised to use Bulkpaq 8x DVD-R but even the first one used at the shop was faulty.
I have 2 drawers on the tower
(a)Writemaster DVD/RW and DVD+ Writemaster
(b)Compact Disk DVD Multiplayer
1.Any comments on the make of DVD discs.
2.I have about 10 Silver Circle 700mb CD-R's left from my previous computer. Can I still use these on the present machine?

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