iqs 11:39 19 Apr 2006

Hello.I was wondering if NERO 7 is worth buying,and will it burn DVD's.More importantly is IncD optional when installing.Presently I have NERO 5 which I'm very happy with.It just lacks the option to burn DVD's.Cheers,IQS

  Shortstop 11:54 19 Apr 2006

Yes, it will burn DVDs and InCD was an option to install on mine - but I bought the full product rather than an upgrade/OEM so I can't speak for those

Personally, the layout changed too much from Nero 6 & I purchased Roxio EasyMedia Creator, which I found an easier product to use and packed with USEFUL add-ons - but I guess it is horses for courses!



  musopoet 11:57 19 Apr 2006

A really good package which I use is WAVLAB 5.0.

You should be able to pick this up cheaply as I think the new version is 7.0.

It's a professional piece of software and provides outstanding results for both DVD and CD burning.

  Bagsey 12:51 19 Apr 2006

Please correct me if I am wrong, but isnt WAVLAB5 an audio program. Will it burn Video files.???

  vinnyT 13:10 19 Apr 2006

I'm using nero (the last update to the 5 version, I think), download from click here.

This DOES burn dvds, I was using it this morning to archive disk images.

Hope this helps.

  vinnyT 13:13 19 Apr 2006

Sorry, just re-read your post and seen you're using 5 not 5.5

  Stuartli 13:31 19 Apr 2006

You can still update Nero5 to 5.5 from the Nero website.

  musopoet 13:35 19 Apr 2006

Yes; you are correct - I use it in my home recording studio - but it has the facility to import DVD files and also burn.

  FatboySlim71 00:01 20 Apr 2006

I wouldnt waste your money buying Nero 7. I own Nero 7 and Nero I have used Nero for ages and have not had a single problem with anything I have burned.

I used Nero 7 (and it was up to date) and I was sick and tiried of music that I had burned jumping and sticking, I then re done the same disc and used the same brand of cdr, but this time I done it with Nero, and the problems I had with Nero 7 had gone, the disc played spot on, there was no skipping jumping, several friends I know own both versions of Nero and they all say that Nero 6... is miles better, more reliable and some say quicker at burning as well.

  GaT7 00:34 20 Apr 2006

Many users not too keen on v7 here either click here (3 pages).

Why not try it first for free click here - being a trial/demo, I'm not too sure of the limitations though.

If all goes well & you must have it, consider an inexpensive OEM version at around £11 (all incl) from click here (OEM is usually a cut-down version, but will be sufficient for most users). G

  iqs 20:40 20 Apr 2006

Hello and thank you all for your replys.From what was said I don't think I will purchases Nero 7.I have just download update only options I can see for burning DVD's is the options to burn Video Cd's etc.Am I missing something or is this the correct icons?.Secondly my Freecom External DVD RW is still not recognised as a burning device,just source.

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