Nero 7> open DVD ?/

  Ikelos 15:34 29 Oct 2006

hi, can i make a data dvd with nero express ,but leave it open to add more as the need arises, but of course still be able to use what is on it.. thanks

  Strawballs 16:19 29 Oct 2006

Yes I think that you should be able to do that.

  DJ-Garry 16:25 29 Oct 2006

When you click burn, after compiling your iso cd, go through the tabs at the top of the box that opens up. One of them should have the option to make it a multi session cd/dvd. This should allow you to add things on in the future. Make sure this is done every time you add something until there comes a time when you do want to 'close' it completely. arry.

  Ikelos 16:46 29 Oct 2006

thank you both, i will try another DVD later this evening.thanks again.

  De Marcus™ 16:48 29 Oct 2006
  De Marcus™ 16:50 29 Oct 2006

Oops, meant to add that you should make sure the finalise disk check box is unticked.

  Ikelos 19:22 29 Oct 2006

that is a good link, thanks...and it works..

  De Marcus™ 19:26 29 Oct 2006

It's being updated daily but doesn't work properly with firefox or IE7 at the moment.

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