Nero 6 versus Nero Reloaded

  sheila.weston 10:26 27 Dec 2004

What is the difference between Nero 6 and Nero Reloaded? The website doesn't make it clear. I have an unopened package of Nero 6 and am wondering whether to exchange it for the 'Reloaded' version. Any advice about this welcomed.


  Sans le Sou 11:52 27 Dec 2004

I think it is a pirated version of Nero 6 that has been cracked as they say.

  Sans le Sou 11:54 27 Dec 2004

Or maybe not

  david.h 11:57 27 Dec 2004

reladed is a new upgraded version, nero 6 users can upgade free from the ahead web site.

  sheila.weston 15:17 28 Dec 2004

Many thanks, David. I'll go ahead and install it over the new year.


  Stuartli 16:58 28 Dec 2004

Definitely may be not...:-)

  woodchip 21:04 29 Dec 2004

Reloaded is the latest version not pirate

  Stuartli 09:05 30 Dec 2004

Being a little pedantic, Reloaded is not an upgrade but an update to Nero6.

Ahead generously allows its versions of Nero to be updated free of charge - for instance from Nero5 to 5.5 and subsequent updates.

However upgrades, such as from Nero5 to Nero6, invoke a subscription charge as a completely new line has been introduced.

  david.h 10:04 30 Dec 2004

noted, I was not aware of difference in meaning of these words.But i sure know now

  Stuartli 10:19 30 Dec 2004

The Nero updates, issued about once a month, are to add latest rewriter models, fix bugs etc.

In most cases an update is not strictly necessary but, just occasionally, Ahead requires that a previous update has been installed if you wish to have the latest update version.

It happened for a short spell with, IIRC, Nero5 or 5.5; those with, for instance, Nero5.1.1.10 (made up version!) who wanted to jump to Nero5.5.1.1 (again made up) had to install the one just before first.

Ahead dropped the demand after a short period, presumably because of the reaction or their own good reasons.

  woodchip 16:35 30 Dec 2004

If you go into PCworld you will not Find NERO 6 only the Reloaded version

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