NERO 6 Updates.

  krall 14:01 28 Feb 2004

I have been trying to download the latest updates but keep getting message "File download was not completed successfully due to unexpected server response 421 Idle Timeout closing connection." Had no problems d/l earlier updates. Any clues why this happens. Many thanks for any response.

  Curio 20:38 28 Feb 2004

It is a busy line. If you can do it in 'the wee small hours' you will probably get through. Alternatively try using their update sites that are well ahead of ours in time, so the local population are asleep.

  krall 13:31 01 Mar 2004

Many thanks for response and my apolgies for not responding earlier as I have been away. I've tried both the German and US sites without success so it looks like I have to persevere!

  Jester2K 13:36 01 Mar 2004

Try using a download manager like Fresh Download click here to resume downloads and control when YOU want to download them.

  krall 14:34 01 Mar 2004

Many thanks.My regular download tool is DAP which has served me well up to now even with previous d/l of Nero. Will give Fresh Download a try if problem persists.

  Jester2K 15:07 01 Mar 2004

I wouldn't until it moves on from version 6.70...

New release introduced a "few" bugs....

  krall 23:27 01 Mar 2004

Noted,thanks again

  ayrjay 20:34 01 Apr 2004

I also had problems d/l updates, particularly because I'm still on dialup. The current (4) u/dates total 59.61MB! I eventually suceeded & all is now well with Nero 6. Surely it would be more sensible for somene who has a 'good' d/l to make it available to others at cost i.e. the CD + postage. Say ?1, which must be a lot cheaper than d/l on a 56k modem. I would be quite willing to do so. Or would this be illegal?

  krall 12:39 02 Apr 2004

I did eventually manage the full d/l by first opening the NTL broadband browser.I would agree 56k modem users would find it expensive to d/l 59MB but I am not too sure about the legal position of copying d/ls and passing on to third parties even at such a low charge.

  Old Shep 13:27 02 Apr 2004

There has been a lot of problems downloading from this site in the last week. SAPINS has posted a thread twice about it click here

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