nero 6 only burn 8x-r disk at 2x

  second best 03:10 25 Oct 2004

hi, i have tried several disks but keep coming back to datawrite classic. i have a liteon 8x+r but only 4x-r. however, last week nero was burning the 4x disk i had at 8x (resulting in them not working, or stuttering on playback. this week, i have 8x+r disks which nero offers to burn at full speed, but they dont work either. so now i have some 4x-r datawrite disks, but nero only offer 2x burning speeds. does this make any sense. thanks.

  Valvegrid 08:23 25 Oct 2004

Yes it does, I very rarely burn at maximum speed because of the problems you get with data loss. I'm capable of burning at 52X but usually reduce it to 4X or 8X, its not just this computer which runs Linux, but the same with the computers at work with Nero on them. The make of the disk seems to make a difference to how fast it can be burnt.

  User-312386 08:30 25 Oct 2004

have you checked the the DVD burners website for any firmware update?

  second best 13:33 25 Oct 2004

hhhmmm. i had no problem in the past while using only 4x datawrite -r disks. they would burn at full speed i.e 4x. strange now that 8x -r only burn at 2x. i mean, they work ok, but takes half an hour. the +r 8x datawrite i have just tried burn at 8x but they don't work, stuttering and skipping chapters and such. can't figure out if it is a problem with the media, the drive not recognising the media, or nero.

  The Sack 14:08 25 Oct 2004

The firmware for the drive does not have the write descriptor available for the 8X disc so it is defaulting to the failsafe write strategy at 2X. DVD drives are not like CD drives, it needs to be told what to do with the disc.

Try updating your firmware click here

  second best 17:01 25 Oct 2004

thankx all, upodate for firmware has done the trick, butring at full speed, all seems ok. thanks again.

  User-312386 22:45 25 Oct 2004

happy burning

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