nero 6. is it worth the change

  grumpano 14:42 15 Jun 2004

Iv'e got nero 5.5 at the moment, but i have been given nero 6 as a gift. Is it worth changing it?

  Lozzy 14:43 15 Jun 2004

Only if you want to write DVD's

  struggle8 15:13 15 Jun 2004

not as easy and as good as nero 6

  david.h 16:57 16 Jun 2004

no, best option is to give to me.

version 6 has dvd player and works better with dvd tasks

  TheGnome 20:41 16 Jul 2004

No it isn't!!. I bought Nero 6 recently and have had nothing but trouble ever since. First it wouldn't work at all and crashed my PC something rotten, so I downloaded the updates from Ahead's website. Things were much better, but I still can't use all the various bit and pieces. I bought Nero 6 because I had previously used 5.5 which was pretty good. I'm now £60 out of pocket and God knows how many wasted hours all for a load of old rubbish! Take my advice and don't bother with it.
The Gnome

  grumpano 21:07 16 Jul 2004

Aye, i think i'll take your advice

  TommyRed 21:18 16 Jul 2004

Have you tried NeroClean which cleans out any previous versions. I have the cut down OEM version of Nero 6 but needed the full version to make an XP installation disc. I used NeroClean to remove the OEM version, installed the full demo version, did what I had to, removed the demo version with NeroClean and re-installed my OEM version and then updated it. No problems at all. Did I read on another thread that you cannot download NeroClean. I would be willing to download it for you and send you a disk if you wish. Just mail me direct (envelope by my name) HTH TR

  vinnyT 12:32 17 Jul 2004

I tried the free trial of 6 that was on the pca cover disk a few months back, and really, i prefer 5.5. I find it a cleaner and easier to use interface, but maybe this is because I have used 5.5 for so long and am used to it.

Two weeks back I finally got myself a dvd rewriter (so long without even a plain dvd, what a ludite?) and had to dload the update that included my rewriter (18Mb on dialup ain't no fun) and am completely happy, writes both cds' and dvds' perfectly.

So, until they bring out a version with an absolutely must have feature, I'm sticking with 5.5. However as you have been given a free copy of 6, why not load it and give it a try, You might like it despite what has been said, many people do. All I suggest is that before you install, you either set a restore point or make a drive image so you can return your computer to it's present state. Hope this helps, sorry for droning on.

  Chegs ® 12:51 17 Jul 2004

Used Nero 5.5 for ages,upgraded to Nero 6 and InCD's newer version kept screwing my ADSL.I finally found a version of InCD that didn't screw my ADSL,but had "lost faith" in Nero 6,so returned to my 5.5.

  pj123 12:55 17 Jul 2004

I have been using Nero 6 OEM version around £6 from SVP at click here The only problem I found was with InCD version 4 which kept crashing my computer. I uninstalled it and put an earlier version of InCD on and have had no problems since.

  pj123 13:04 17 Jul 2004

Sorry, meant to add. The version I have is not tied to any CD/RW drive, in fact I have just bought a DVD Rewriter drive (without software) and it works perfectly.

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