Nero 6 Internet Database

  steved 13:35 15 Apr 2004

When ripping a CD using Nero, I get the following message when Nero tries to look up track details:

"Sorry, Nero couldn't receive any information from the Internet because of a network error"

I've disabled the firewall, but still no luck. Any ideas?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:44 15 Apr 2004

Dont know if you have full nero or demo but with full one there should be a DB zip file on cd that u unzip to a folder you make first in the nero directory then it compiles it witch can take quite a long time,if you have the demo i think but am not sure you can dload the DB off net 60meg or so i know you could with 5.5 version not sure about 6.


  steved 12:21 19 Apr 2004

That's certainly a partial solution, but I'm really after full access to the internet database. It used to work with Nero 5.x, but the problem started after I'd upgraded to Nero 6.

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