Nero 6 dvd movie

  richierich 08:50 30 Sep 2003

Using the above i import my mpeg file to project (approx 3.8gb) and begin transcoding.

It gets to about 80 percent ( 3 hours later) and then an error message saying it cant transcode.
Im obviously doing somthing wrong but cant think what as im sure ive done ot this way before, any ideas please

  MichelleC 09:33 30 Sep 2003

Try turning off some b/g progs.

3 hrs for burning seems long, although I rarely burn but ptt.

  richierich 15:46 30 Sep 2003

the three hours isnt for burning its for transcoding the file ready for burning.
I di a 20 minute movie today, it took about an hour to transcode and about 10 minutes to burn- it was fine. it seems that my epic 100 minute movie causes the problem

  struggle8 16:09 30 Sep 2003

are you using nero startsmart if so go through nero 6 nero burning rom nero startsmart is slower than going around it the other way film encoding is alot quicker and burning is not as slow dont ask why but if we use nero startsmart it can take up to 40 minutes longer than in just going through nero 6 bunning rom

  richierich 20:16 30 Sep 2003

not quite sure what you mean, but time is not the problem, i can simply leave it overnight, my concern is that about three quarters the way through it said it couldnt transcode the movie.

  richierich 08:15 01 Oct 2003

problem resolved by downloading latest version and installing as an update, thought i had the latest version but there you go. Thing flies now and doesnt stall, perfect.
Does wonder how they got away with older versions, I cant be the only onem can I

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