Nero 6 CD/DVD Burning Suite

  Sapins 09:08 27 Mar 2004

I have just found the above software on priced at £6-95 being sold by softwareuk, has anyone any experience of this firm and/or of the software, I don't need the latest version I just want it to recognise a samsung 52x 32x 52x Drive.



  961 09:15 27 Mar 2004

If you have nero 5 you can update it from the nero website free of charge to the latest 5 update after which I am sure it will recognise your drive

However nero 6 has many more features and is easy to use. Initial bugs seem to have been sorted and I find it works well. OEM discs can be bought for as low as £4.50 plus p & p and are a good buy if you use amazon or e bay with a third party payment system

  Sapins 09:19 27 Mar 2004

Hi 961, I have tried the update for v5, still does not recognise the drive that's why I want to go to v6.

  961 09:27 27 Mar 2004

In that case I would go to the nero site click here and in the support area you will find a list of recorders which are supported by the software. I see there are a number of Samsung 52 models but obviously you will need to check the model number of your own drive

I guess recorders that are not supported won't be recognised by 6 either. If it is a very new model it can take a week or so in which case you could e-mail to see if the product codes will be included soon

  961 09:28 27 Mar 2004

Sorry that link is to someone in Denmark!

try click here

  Sapins 10:17 27 Mar 2004

When I looked at the supported drives list with v5 mine was on and recognised since v5.5.9.21, It should be recognised with v6.

  Smiler 10:32 27 Mar 2004

It should also be supported by version 5.5 or have you only got version 5.0?

  Sapins 10:42 27 Mar 2004

Hi Smiler, I have version 5.5 but it is the OEM CD which I got with my last CD RW drive, now in the bin :-( It will not recognise the new drive.

  Smiler 10:52 27 Mar 2004

Have you been here click here and downloaded the update file for version 5.5 which will bring you up to version 5.5 10 56 nero should recognise your cd then.

  Sapins 11:05 27 Mar 2004

I am on Nero's site as I type this, with broadband, and it has hardly progressed at all. Is Nero always as slow as this?

Perhaps it will be quicker to order v6 by post!!

  SEASHANTY 11:39 27 Mar 2004

If you have an OEM copy of NERO which is tied to a particular CD drive and you then replace that drive then Nero will not burn to the new drive until you pay for an upgrade to the new drive or purchase another copy of Nero.

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