Nero 6 burning dvd's HELP!!!

  Rosalie86 14:40 19 Apr 2007

This is driving me crazy!!!
If any one could help.

I'm trying to burn a dvd I edited with Nero 6, I edited it with nerovision. Now all I would to do is put it on a dvd..... I get as far as the last stage before it starts burning then I notice it's going to burn to 'Image recorder' and not 'DVD-R'....

Many thanks...

If it's a case of changing the destination of the burn, could anyone explain how...please!!!

  JoeC 14:46 19 Apr 2007

Nero Burning ROM and going to "Recorder" then "Choose Recorder" then select your DVD burner and okay it. See if that does it.

  rodriguez 14:52 19 Apr 2007

Usually when you go to Choose Recorder, your burner will be listed under Image Recorder. If there aren't any other recorders, then it might be that your drive isn't supported by Nero 6 so you could try the newer Nero 7.

  Stuartli 15:27 19 Apr 2007

Make sure you have the latest version of Nero6 (

I use Nero6 with a new Sony GA170 DVD rewriter, the fastest to date, without any problems.

  Stuartli 15:28 19 Apr 2007

You can download it from:

click here

  Rosalie86 16:00 19 Apr 2007


Have you ever burnt 'NVC files' ?????????
After I've edited some thing it saves it in a 'NVC file!!!!

  pj123 16:03 19 Apr 2007

What model DVD Rewriter do you have?

Stuartli says "Make sure you have the latest version of Nero6 ("

I have just done a burn on LG DVD rewriter on two PCs. One has Nero and the other has Nero Both burns were successful but they were both done using Nero VisionExpress 3 so I don't think it matters what version Nero you have as long as it is 6 something.

  GroupFC 16:49 19 Apr 2007

I know very little about Nero as I don't use it - but I do know a little about video-editing.

I believe .nvc files are the Nero project files and if this is like other video editing apps. such as Windows Moviemaker, you may need to finalise/finish the movie, before burning it to dvd. As I understand it, all project files do is in some clever way make some sort of reference to the original file, your edits transitions etc, without actually "completing" the movie.

I don't know if this will just confuse you even more and if it does I apologise!

Have you looked at the help files for Nerovision, or on the web for guides to using Nerovision? There is for an example a 107 page pdf for Nerovision express 3 at click here . I have just had a quick skim through this and it does seem fairly comprehensive (altho’ of course may already been included in the help files).

  Rosalie86 17:04 19 Apr 2007

The model of the dvd rewriter is 'Sony CD-RW CRX320E......... Does that help??????????

  rodriguez 17:16 19 Apr 2007

I've just looked up your drive and it looks like it's a CD writer and can't record to DVDs. It reads DVDs but doesn't write to them I don't think.

  MAJ 17:21 19 Apr 2007

As GroupFC says, NVC files are Nero Vision's Project files. When you get that far, choose the 'Burn To' option in NeroVision Express, you will notice a pop-out menu appear which should contain your DVD writer and the Image recorder. But I think your drive is only a CD WRITER/DVD reader combo, not a /CD writer.DVD writer combo.

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