Nero 6 blocks access to jpegs

  jaybee 14:41 09 Jul 2004


I have hundreds of photos catalogued by Adobe Photoshop Album which has for 2 years been trouble free for me. I have upgraded my failing CD-RW drive to a DVD drive (Sony DRU-700A) which reads cds and plays DVDs splendidly. However I can no longer access Photoshop Album. I get either a runtime error message or a system error message. Having opted to uninstall and re-install Photoshop Album I cannot complete the installation. I get as far as the register screen, the very last step, and after opting to register later, the system hangs.
I wonder if I accidentally gave the whole Nero suite of software exclusive access to jpegs or some other kind of file that Photoshop Album needs to read while I was installing the Nero suite. Any thoughts would be welcome.

NB Can't find an exact match for this prob by searching the archive. Found one for unassociating files from Nero using Windows media player but not for unassociating files from Nero using Nero. And I am not sufficiently clued up to even know if this is the problem anyway. Thanks

  jaybee 15:18 14 Jul 2004

A few days have gone by with no offerings so I'm trying one more time. In the meantime, I have eliminated Nero 6 and my new DVD writer as the source of the bother, at least I think so. I have updated Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0 with the latest fix and uninstalled Nero and uninstalled the DVD drive. Whatever combination I use I got a 'runtime error' whatever that is. Then I installed the trial version of Photoshop Album 2.0 from the Adobe website. Whatever I did I got the same error message: Error Code c0000005 at address 569698. Does anyone have any idea what this error code means and/or how do I find out. I hope I can since all of my son's graduation photos are now on my hard drive but I can't access them with the Photoshop Album. I can't see how installing a new DVD writer and Nero 6 could affect the working of Photoshop album but before everthing worked marvellously and afterwards, no luck at all. I would be most grateful if anyone recognises anything like this problem.



  stlucia 15:22 14 Jul 2004

Can you see the files using Windows Explorer? If so, what happens when you double-click on one of them -- does it open using some software other than Photoshop Album?

  Terry Brown 15:27 14 Jul 2004

I upgraded from nero 5 to Nero 6, and are having the same problem, so far, I cannot fix it, if you find a solution please post here . Thanks. On nero 5, there was no problem at all.

  jaybee 16:19 14 Jul 2004

Windows picture and fax viewer opens them ok.

  stlucia 08:49 15 Jul 2004

So it looks like there's a conflict between Nero 6 and Photoshop Album. Have you tried Nero and Adobe's web sites?

Until someone more knowledgeable comes along, you could try the free IrfanView to view and print your pics.

  jaybee 11:24 15 Jul 2004

thanks for coming back. I have done further testing and it looks like Nero is in the clear even though my problems started immediately following installation of Nero 6 and the Sony DRU-700A DVD writer. I have uninstalled all Nero software and deleted entries from the registry and deleted my old Adobe Photoshop Album version 1. I then installed the free trial version 2.0 from the Adobe website in the hope that the problem I'm having might not occur with version 2. Alas, every time I start the Album software I do get the error code c0000005 message. I have searched for the meaning of this code and it apparently relates to an 'access violation' whatever that might be. You are quite correct in saying that I can access my pictures in other ways and I shall do so. I have quickly visited the ADobe site but not the Nero and I shall do this next. I am a great fan of Adobe softeware and it would be sad if all of the filing and cataloguing that I have done with the huindreds of pix on my hard drive were to go to waste. Thanks very much for your help and I'll keep posting if there are any developments.



  stlucia 12:01 15 Jul 2004

It was Terry Brown's post, and my assumption (perhaps wrong) that you had upgraded Nero when you installed your new DVD drive, which made me think that Nero/Adobe were somehow to blame. But maybe his and your circumstances have something else in common which is causing the problem -- could it be the Sony DVD drive?

  jaybee 19:59 15 Jul 2004

in assuming that I upgraded to Nero 6 when I installed the Sony DVD. The newer version of Nero was bundled with the Sony install software. Hence my assumption that Nero was blocking access to my pix. Since I have tried everything else I can think of I will restore my system to its pre Sony state by switching back to my old CD rw drive. Thanks for your interest.



  jaybee 20:01 15 Jul 2004

I should have recapped that the finger of suspicion has shifted from nero since I have had no luck with Photoshop Album either version 1 or trial version 2 even after uninstalling Nero.

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