Nero 5.5 Wave Editor

  david4637 13:59 28 Aug 2004

1. I can not get the help file to run. It says it can’t find the file. There are not any help files in the Nero folders?

2. I also can not open a new file for recording. I have to open an existing file, delete the recording and then overwrite it, then SaveAs. It all works OK, but why can’t I open a new file and record?

Please don’t suggest Nero 6. Do you have similar problems?
Thanks David

  david4637 16:04 29 Aug 2004

Please provide help on Nero Help file and recording a new file. Thanks David

When I first had Nero 5.5 last year, I couldn't get the Wave Editor to run at all.

However, as soon as I upgraded to the newer 5.5 version, all was fine.

If you haven't already done so, maybe downloading the latest version will fix your problem too.

  Smiler 16:55 29 Aug 2004

Have a look here click here

  david4637 16:04 30 Aug 2004

I have the latest version. Smiler - your link goes to Nero 6, therefore not applicable

1. Can you get the help to work in Version 5.5?

2. Can you create a new file for recording in Ner 5.5?

Thanks David

I don't normally use the Nero Wave Editor, but I checked it out tonight;

1. Yes, the help works fine.
File path is C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\Wave Editor\NeroWaveEditor_Eng.chm

2. Yes, created new file with no problems.

Have you tried a re-install of Nero?

  Smiler 13:59 31 Aug 2004

sorry Ididn't realise you had an older version but a few clicks would have taken you here click here this version is for 5.5

  david4637 21:26 01 Sep 2004

Is the Nero v5.5.10.56 English Language pack another way of saying thats it a help file?
Thanks for your reply, as well as the others for their help. David

  Sans le Sou 23:53 01 Sep 2004

Seem to remember I had to download all the helpfiles separately for 5.5. Think you insert the language that is pertinent to you. Long time ago now.

  david4637 18:26 02 Sep 2004

Your link takes me to Nero 6 Wave editor, not v5.5? David

  david4637 17:05 03 Sep 2004


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