nero 5.5 price??ebay or pc world

  moby58 21:36 12 Jan 2003
  moby58 21:36 12 Jan 2003

ive got a demo version of nero,but want to buy the actual thing.lots on ebay for under a tenner.guaranteed original with serial number.....pc world etc are £ ebay too good to be true?what should i do?genuine dealers with feedback to pc world etc just overpriced?help!

  The PC Doctor 21:41 12 Jan 2003

Sorry I'm one of those that advise not to use Nero !

I use Easy CD from Roxio & Clone CD & CDRWin.

All works fine together no problems - but Nero (yuk!)

  mark3110 21:49 12 Jan 2003

But then, I would say Nero is ok. After my last re-install of XP I cant get Easy Cd to recognise my cdrw, despite the latest drivers and updates. Where as, I have never had a problem with Nero.

Not that this hjelp the guys question.


  AndySD 21:49 12 Jan 2003

Its down to you but with the PC World version you know its not a pirated version. Some versions are tied to the CD-RW they were sold with and will not work on other CD-RW. Also you are running a risk in that Nero like many companys now add a check in their upgrades and will not let you update with the most common pirated version serial numbers.

  so3003 21:50 12 Jan 2003

Don't know legit your dealer person is (despite good experiences I'm instinctively suspicious on auction sites!) but as you may know the Nero update / demo comes as one file, so basically once you have a purchased copy of Nero, you download an update (which doubles as a demo if you don't have a registered version installed), so you don't really need the CD ever again (well I've certainly never put my cd in the drive again!)

So basically my long winded point is that the seller probably bought a relatively old copy ages ago and now downloads updates from the net, leaving him/her to sell the original CD on eBay.

In summary, it's probably legit but 2nd hand.


  leo49 21:52 12 Jan 2003

click here

£10 at the above.


  gob14 22:38 12 Jan 2003

got mine from pc world in there sale £20 that includes cd label kit

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