Nero 5 Installation Problem

  JayDay 15:30 05 Jul 2004

A friend is trying to Install Nero 5 which came with his new Philips CDRW Drive.

During the installation the following error is displayed. "The wizard was interrupted before Nero could be completely installed"

This problem is not documented on the Nero Website. I have used the Nero Clean Tool to eradicte any trace of Nero and tried to install again to no avail.

You guys are my last hope.

  Smiler 17:04 05 Jul 2004

Have you closed all running apps before installation or is Adaptec easy cd installed as this is known to conflict with Nero

  JayDay 17:12 05 Jul 2004

Tried closing down programs. Uninstalled EasyCD. Tried Nero 6. Still no joy.

  mole44 17:17 05 Jul 2004

i had big conflicts installing nero 6 ,for me the solution was to uninstall mcafee.i needed to install nero first then install macafee,hope that helps

  mole44 17:18 05 Jul 2004

ooops it was mcafee virus software,its been a long day

  Scotsman 17:42 05 Jul 2004

That isn't a specific Nero error message. You can get it with installation of other programs. Microsoft says it is a dirty CD is the most likely cause. I presume that could include a scratch on the CD as well. Try creating a new temp folder on the hard drive then copy the entire contents of the CD into it and run set-up from there.

Also, what version of Windows is it? I'm surprised that a brand new CD writer would come with Nero 5 when we've had 5.5 and 6.0 released since then. Nero 5 was written for Win 3.1, 95, 98 and NT. I'm not sure how well it would install with 2000 or XP.

  Scotsman 17:46 05 Jul 2004

Doh! Excuse the quaint English in that last post - if that damn telephone interupts my train of thought one more time . . .! :)

  JayDay 19:07 05 Jul 2004

mole44 - It hasn't got McAfee installed.

Scotsman - The machine is running Windows 98. The message appears after the Nero Installer has run for about 30 seconds. A search on Google shows other instances of this, but no resolutions.

  Scotsman 20:12 05 Jul 2004

I Googled and found this thread from another forum click here

Have a good read at it. Looks like someone did as I suggested on here and copied the CD contents to his HD and installed it from there. I notice he ran the install from Safe Mode which hadn't occurred to me. The other interesting suggestion is the guy who downloaded the free demo version of Nero and tried installing that.

The thread doesn't seem to have dates and the version of Nero isn't mentioned (as far as I can see). Obviously if you tried downloading the demo it would be v6.0. Might still be worth a try though. v6.0 works fine with Win98SE. If the demo didn't install either that would suggest a conflict between something on your friend's system and Nero. If the demo does install, and runs ok, that points, though not entirely conclusively, to a problem with the disk. I presume the new CD drive is correctly installed and working. Has he tried installing any other program with it?

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